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Berets are Back! Here’s How to Style Them

The French fashion classic is back!

This season, the beret is a hot ticket item. In fact, it can be said that it is “the” accessory this winter.  It has been seen on the streets everywhere from New York City to Milan and it is the epitome of modern street fashion.

Typically, you might have seen berets in the past in black, navy blue, and camel. However, this season we’ve seen them in an array of bright colors and they’ve made a bold statement on the catwalks in Paris.

But how do you properly wear a beret? Wearing a beret correctly has everything to do with the placement on your head. One of the most popular ways to wear a beret is to barely cover your hairline on your forehead. Then, tilt the beret to one side.  You might also want to position it slightly farther back on your head.

In addition, if you are wearing neutral colors, try combining your look with a brightly colored beret. Adding a beret to any outfit makes it more stylish and interesting. If you are wearing a simple dress, add a beret and watch how many compliments you will receive!

Or if you are wearing a skirt, tall boots, and a simple sweater, try finishing your look off with a beret. You will still maintain a classic style, but will elevate your look to a more modern and unique level!

And remember to purchase berets that are 100% cruelty free. Many berets in the past were made of leather. Now, there are many vegan leathers and textiles that are as durable and fashionable as animal textiles. And you will feel good knowing your purchase it a compassionate one!

This season, follow these tips and you won’t look like you just walked out of a Paris tourist shop!

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