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Beauty Crush: SEXY and SENSUAL Elizabeth Taylor

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Sexy and sensual, Elizabeth Taylor was every man’s dream!

Even if you do not own diamonds, makeup and hair tips are a great way to get the Elizabeth Taylor look, with her famous cat wing eyeliner and perfectly curled hair.


In “Cleopatra”, Elizabeth Taylor had a bright blue winged eyeshadow that is great for Halloween, but too dramatic for every day wear. To tone the look down, we recommend using a cool toned eye palette with a darker color in the crease. Pat a blue shade on to your lid and add definition to your eye by using a dark brown or black in the crease. Use the same dark color on your lower lash line.

To add even more glamour and sex appeal, use a liquid liner on your upper lash line and draw a wing at the end. Apply mascara to both upper and lower lashes.


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