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Barbie: A Girl’s First Style Icon

Our little pre-pubescent attitudes towards dolls were insurmountable back in the day, and for some of us, they still are. But one brand of doll surmounted them all, and was the ultimate gift any time of year, was Barbie. With her perfect hair, innumerable myriad of careers, royal alter egos, and above all, her iconic and covetous wardrobe, Barbie has been the embodiment of fun and fashion since her momentous debut in 1959.

Barbie had us obsessing over her from head to toe until all that remained was that itty bitty, cellulite-free plastic body randomly posed face-down on the floor. We had shoeboxes stuffed with all of her essentials-shoes, dresses, ballgowns, tiaras, the works, and it’s no surprise that she’s scored more major designer duds than most of us could afford in a lifetime. Oh, and remember when Mattel released its first My Size Barbie back in 1994? Girls could actually share Barbie’s wardrobe!

Soon enough, every little girl’s best friend practically became every iconic design house’s fashion muse, from Moschino’s Spring 2015 RTW collection to the now-legendary 2010 collaboration with MAC Cosmetics. Chanel even released a (very) limited edition Karl Lagerfeld-inspired Barbie with a pricetag of $2,000 (yes, two thousand dollars!). A recent Versace Barbie with a striking resemblance to Donatella, sports a smoldering gaze and a flawless nude corset gown that embodies the effortless luxury of the infamous couture brand. The doll is obviously no longer available, because the best things in life can’t last forever, even if they are 11.5 inches tall with an incomprehensible dress size.

No matter how many jobs or makeovers Barbie gets in her 50-plus years, Barbie will always be timeless and an inspiration to girls and designers all around the world.

For lovers of Barbie’s iconic style, make sure to check out this Instagram account:

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