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Add A Pop Of Color To Your Look With Hidden Hair Colors

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Yes, coloring your hair is a thing. But, have you ever thought about coloring parts of it? Probably not! Let me tell you how hidden pops of hair colors can make you look from plain to incredibly cool.

Hidden hair color pops are a very subtle thing to add to your personality. It very minimally signifies and enhances your personality. Your hair color pop could be of any color matching your base hair color.

Moreover, make sure that your hidden hair color pop is not very bright and does not cover much of your hair. As it is meant to stay subtle and minimal. Also, you can give a boost to aesthetics by trying out neon colors.

Here we have made a proper guide for you to get help. You can choose which pop of hair color to add to your style and which suits you best. Read on.

Add A Pop Of Color To Your Look With Hidden Hair Colors 1
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Photo By @hairworthy.morgan/Instagram

Our first pick is a bottle-green pop of hair color. You can have this hidden pop of hair color if you have black or dark brown base hair. It is best for teenage girls, and women who love partying and clubbing.

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