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According to Your Zodiac Sign, This is What Makeup You Prefer

The study of astrology has fascinated us for centuries. Even if you don’t believe in it, it can be hard to resist peeking at your horoscope now and then. The principles of astrology can be applied to every aspect of our lives and can serve as a guide to lead a happier, more fulfilled existence.

Your zodiac sign gives you insights into your personality, including your temperament and style preferences. It could even factor into the type of makeup you gravitate towards. Here’s what you need to know.


These bold trailblazers never hesitate to try new things. They tend to lean toward bold, bright, warm-hued colors such as orange, rust, and red.


Taureans are practical people who gravitate towards neutral colors and earth tones. They love browns and deep plums.


Geminis enjoy experimenting with the latest hues and love to be on-trend.
They may be seen sporting a bright pop of color on their lids and don’t shy away from unconventional lip colors.


People who fall under this zodiac sign tend to gravitate towards metallics like silver and copper. Their affinity for metallics is an indication of the influence of their ruling planet, the moon.


Leos love being the center of attention and are unafraid to go bold. A beautiful shimmery eye paired with luminous skin and a nude lip is right up their alley.


Virgos love to be in control and tend to plan their makeup looks in advance. Once they find a product or brand they love, they stick with it. They love browns and nude tones and are likely to stay away from taking risks.


Librans are strongly drawn to colors like blue and purple.
They tend to experiment with makeup quite a bit, and will not shy away from that electric blue mascara or bold eyeliner.


Scorpios are known for being loyal and assertive, but they also have a wild side. They love to emphasize their eyes with a smoldering hint of dark eyeshadow topped with tons of mascara.


Sagittarius tend to opt for dramatic looks and strong brows. They love statement colors like red and can be spotted working bold lips.


Ambitious, determined Capricorn women are partial to earth tones but also love a hint of metallic shine.
They gravitate towards sparkly gold eyes and can never have too much highlighter.


Fun loving Aquarians love bright, bold colors. They go for bright lips while keeping the rest of their faces quite bare.


Pisceans are emotional individuals who opt for natural hues. They love dewy makeup looks and are drawn to glossy, luminous lip colors.

If you’re tired of choosing your makeup based on the occasion or your skin tone, why not try something different? Tailor your look to your astrological sign for a whole new level of customization.

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