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A Mix Of Cinnamon and Gold Hair Colors Will Have You Standing Out This Holiday Season

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Are you looking for the ideal way to update your hair color for the new season? But you’re unsure which shade should come next in the seemingly never-ending line? Do not fret; we have a recommendation for you: cinnamon and gold. Warming up your skin and making you feel like you’re living in an eternal golden hour, the brown hue with gold highlights and red undertones will indeed do both of those things for you.

The cinnamon golden color of the hair provides the ideal balance between the red and brown tones of the hair. Consider it to be a real neutral red, meaning that it is vibrant enough to lend richness to your skin tone to look beautiful on everyone.

The cinnamon golden hair color is one of our favorites since it complements a wide range of complexion tones. Check out some of our favorite people below to see how they wear this pumpkin spice hue of hair, which may range from hair that tends more crimson and ruby red to hair that has delicate, barely-there hints of chocolate cinnamon.

A Mix Of Cinnamon And Gold Hair Colors Will Have You Standing Out This Holiday Season 1
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Photo By @adina_pignatare/Instagram

To get this color, all you need are some warmer highlights on top of your natural brunette hair. If your hair has been naturally softened by the summer sun, you may make the transition to a rich autumn color by applying red tones to the sun-kissed areas.

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