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Ready to make your save the dates but desire something extra special? Take a look at our unique ideas for the not so average bride. 

One of the first items couples focus on when planning their wedding are the save the dates cards. This very first piece of stationery sent to your guests, can set the pace for the entire wedding and give them a peek at what to expect. If you’re bored with all of the usual designs and styles out there and wasn’t some unique save the dates, then read on. You just might find something that piques your interest in our collection of save the dates 2019.

If you fancy yourself the not so average bride and you want to stand out in every sense of the word; here is your chance for your personality to really shine. From funny save the date ideas to even digital save the dates, we have something to inspire every type of bride. 

  1. Bookmark Save the Dates.Whether your wedding venue is a library or not, bookmarks are cute and serve a double purpose for your guests. This practical option for save the dates cards will be much appreciated by the receivers, especially those who are avid readers. So, if you are looking for something special, consider this cute and witty idea for your wedding stationery.
  • Tea Towels.Another practical and reusable save the date idea is tea towels, which is possible even if you desire to make your own save the date cards. Your guests would open their package expecting to see a card, and then get these cute tea towels instead. It would be lovely for your friends and family to have these hanging in their kitchen or dining room. It would serve as a reminder of your union, but also be handy for cleaning up spills and holding teapots. 
  • Magnet Save the Dates.There are many different options for magnets, but wood might stand out more than others. You could even create DIY save the dates magnets in a material of your choice. Inscribed with your message, this is a great idea for a wedding notice and reminder for family and friends. Considering that people visit their fridge several times in a day, be sure that your wedding date would not be far from their minds. 
  • 3 – D Cards.If you’re thinking along the lines of electronic save the dates, perhaps these 3 – D cards will suffice. A cool and yet geeky style, it definitely helps your wedding stationery stand apart from the others. Sending your save the date cards along with a pair of 3 – D glasses to help guests better read the message, would be as out of this world as watching a movie in three dimension. 
  • Plantable Save the Dates.If you would like a unique and yet eco-friendly option, then plantable save the dates cards are here for you. Each card made from herb or flower seeds so they can be planted after use, is such a cool idea. Your guests each have something to remember your wedding by for a long time to come. The act of planting alone, is a great way to start a journey that promises to be long, meaningful and fruitful.
  • Fortune cookies.A great way to spread the good news that would be loved by all of your guests. Who doesn’t love a fortune cookie? You could custom order your own cookies with your message planted inside and send to each guest in take away boxes tied in neat bows. 

These are only but a few options for unique wedding save the dates 2019. Especially if you are considering DIY save the dates, there are so many ideas you could come up with. From email save the dates to save the date photos, there is no limit to creativity. As for when to send out save the dates, there are usually sent out at least 9 months before the wedding and seven months before the wedding invites. For the very first item you send to your guests, you’re going to want them to be special. So, allow your personality flow with a unique set of save the dates cards. 

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