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6 Tips for Achieving a Biker Chic Look

From vegan leather jackets and denim to biker boots and metallic accents, there’s just something about the biker chic look that gets everyone revved up. When this nostalgic aesthetic made a runway return in 2022, the fashion world embraced it (and the bold, adventurous lifestyle that came along with it) with open arms.

Still, biker fashion can be intimidating to try. Its inherent rock-rebel sensibility can test the limits of even the most fashion-forward dressers. “Can I actually pull this off?” you may ask yourself while holding items like an oversized motocross jacket and a vegan leather mini skirt for the first time.

But even if you’ve never touched a motorcycle in your life, the answer is a resounding yes—if you forget everything you know about biker fashion. Forget your assumptions that it’s too hot, too heavy, or too difficult to achieve without excessive layering.

Biker chic fashion has evolved through the years, and today’s iteration no longer requires an all-or-nothing approach. The trick is to borrow “bikercore” elements and combine them with classic staples, like pairing a heavy vegan leather jacket with a denim skirt. Buy women leggings and other reliable basics and try your hand at biker fashion in the following ways:

Start with Black Vegan leather

Turns out, a biker’s love for black vegan leather isn’t just a cosmetic choice. Vegan leather apparel is designed to protect a rider’s body in the event of an accident, while the colour black is best at hiding grease and dust stains.

When putting your biker chic look together, keep an eye out for vegan leather apparel and black clothing. Combining these two with everyday staples will help you achieve the essence of modern biker chic.

Find the Perfect Jacket

Among the most essential elements of biker chic style is the vegan leather jacket. Unofficial biker fashion trendsetter Marlon Brando, who played Johnny Strabler in The Wild One, wouldn’t be caught dead without it. As an aspiring biker-inspired fashionista, you shouldn’t, either.

To rock jackets with a more masculine edge, watch out for vegan leather jackets with chunky or decorative zippers. Wear them over a simple shirt or blouse and accessorize them with metal necklaces and earrings. You can also pull a Bella Hadid: select an oversized vegan leather jacket with a bold colour scheme and wear it over a pretty laced dress to bring out your feminine side. The style may seem contradictory, but it’s the eye-catching contrast that makes it work!

Wear Moto Chic-Inspired Footwear

Footwear is another style-defining element for the biker look. If you’re hard-pressed for ideas, you can’t go wrong with boots. Black biker boots, platform booties, heeled boots, or ankle boots are a great way to glam up the look. Caged heels can add a touch of sophistication and femininity, especially when paired with denim jeans or a vegan leather mini-skirt.

For full biker glam, look for boots and shoes with buckles, straps, or metal accents like zippers, studs, or chains. You’ll also want to select darker colours like grey, brown, or black for your boots for an edgy look.

Select a Road-Friendly Handbag

While you can pull off the biker fashion trend without a handbag, adding one to your outfit can up the ante on the biker babe look. Opt for edgy handbags that reflect the rebellious spirit of biker culture.

That being said, vegan leather is always a safe option, but consider featuring a vegan leather bag with heavy silver or gunmetal hardware like zippers, studs, chains, and other metal accents. Embellishments like fringes, long straps, embroidery, patches, and appliques are also popular characteristics of biker-chic handbags.

If you’re already rocking an all-black attire, a bold-coloured handbag is a great way to add a little pop to your look. Go for complementary, but eye-catching colours like red, brown, or burgundy.

Go for Vegan leather or Denim Pants or Skirts

Vegan leather or denim jeans and skirts are critical to the biker fashion trend, as they align well with the industrial aesthetic often favoured by bikers. They also serve as versatile additions to any wardrobe.

Start simple with a pair of denim jeans, a simple white top, and a cropped motorcycle jacket, or bring your feminine side out with a vegan leather mini skirt paired with leggings for women, platform boots, and an oversized moto jacket.

Vegan leather bottoms might look hard to pull off, but they’re actually very versatile. Take notes from a fashionista like Kendall Jenner, who loves wearing her vegan leather pants with unique tops and heeled boots.


Now comes the fun part: accessorizing. Here’s a tip for anyone aspiring to try the biker chic look: don’t be afraid to dive into men’s accessories and explore vegan leather, metals, and moto wear. Try wearing a studded belt to add edginess to your outfit while cinching a loose dress or top. Vegan leather gloves will look cool as well as offer extra warmth in the winter.

For summer, a pair of wraparound or aviator glasses or a bandana worn around the neck or tied around the head will serve as a great finishing touch. As far as jewellery goes, opt for chunky silver necklaces or bracelets to add a touch of toughness to your look.

The biker-chic aesthetic is a classic style that hardly goes out of fashion. Anyone can achieve this edgy and rebellious look with the right items and a little attitude. Whether you’re conquering the open road on two wheels or just looking for an adventurous new look for yourself, your mastery of the biker aesthetic is sure to turn heads.

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