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6 Black Clothing Brands to Check Out in 2023

It’s easier than ever to support Black clothing brands. Even major retailers like Target and Nordstrom highlight clothing brands that are Black-owned. But there are a lot of indie and smaller Black clothing brands that don’t have the same marketing power as larger brands. That is unfortunate because they may be overlooked, even though they offer great products.

Put together by Blackmerch, a Black pride apparel brand, here are 6 brands you should check out in 2023. From fashion to accessories, and everything in between, there are great options to #BuyBlack and support new and emerging brands.

6 Black Clothing Brands to Check Out in 2023

To help you find great Black clothing brands, we’ve rounded up a list of great brands and why we think you will love them! Take a look and see what brands and trends are out there just waiting for you!

1. Undefined

Undefined is doing more than supporting Black-owned businesses, it is supporting all people of color, LGBTQIA, and other marginalized populations. We love the “outside the box” approach to fashion that is truly undefined while being stylish and very wearable.

2. Black Bourgeois

Another Black clothing brand that is making headlines for their social justice efforts is Black Bourgeois. Their selection of clothing and accessories feature bold prints and graphics that support equality and justice. They have a nice selection for men and women, and are reasonably priced for most budgets.

3. Backtrack Vintage

If you love vintage clothing and accessories and want to support a Black-owned business, then you have to check out Backtrack Vintage. Backtrack Vintage offers a large selection of nostalgic t-shirts, pins, hats, buttons, and more. Their clothing has been featured in TheRoot, Esquire, and Complex. We love their selection of vintage icons like Michael Jordan, Scrabble, the NY Yankees, Marilyn Monroe, and even vintage-esque Black Panther gear.

4. Trubaker

Trubaker is a Black-owned clothing shop with heavy African cultural influences. Bold colors and prints are married to easy-to-wear items like t-shirts and hoodies. They also have an impressive selection of unisex items, which makes their brand stand out even more. We also love that Trubaker has a kids section with adorable t-shirts and hoodies for kids.

5. Very Ashley

If you are looking for a clothing brand similar to Fashion Nova or Shein, a great Black-owned brand is Very Ashley. This online clothing brand features a large selection of fashion ranging from casual wear to elegant formal wear, and everything in between. Very Ashley partners with a wide assortment of designers, so you have plenty of options, no matter what your style or budget. We love that they offer clothing for all shapes and sizes at an affordable price.

6. Dif-fer-ent

This is a clothing brand that takes their branding and style beyond clothing to homeware and accessories. Their unique logo and branding has made them very popular among men and women. Dif-fer-ent doesn’t have the large selection of clothing of more established brands, but what they do have is creative and interesting.

Which Brands Will You Choose?

As you can see, there are many great Black clothing brands out there – many you may not have heard of before reading this post. These six we discuss above are only a drop in the bucket to how many great fashion brands there are that truly support people of color, LGBTQIA, women-owned businesses, and other marginalized people. Which brand will you choose to support in 2023?

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