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5 Tips for a Stressless Trip

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Guest Contributor: Benjamin Hagerty


I’ve been a travel agent for several years now, and one of the greatest rewards that comes with the job is to hear that my clients’ vacations were not only thrilling but that every important detail ran like clockwork.

We are currently in a high season for travel. To prepare for flights booked to capacity and airports filled to the brim with passengers, here are a few of my favorite tips to keep you relaxed, prepared, and stress-free on your next trip.


Simplify Your Accessories

After weeks of wearing the same work clothes over and over again, it’s freeing to be able to wear whatever you want on vacation. While that ambition is great to have when you’ve arrived at your destination, wearing that large belt, dangling jewelry, broad-rimmed hat, and knee-high boots will only hinder your progression through the security check points. Think how much time it takes to take them on and off. If it’s minutes instead of seconds, leave it in your suitcase. To save time in line without sacrificing your style, think basics; switch out boots for slip-on sandals, avoid large jewelry, and wear as few layers as possible. You’ll speed through the line faster than The Flash on caffeine!


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