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4 Tips to Dry Your Hair Naturally and Quickly

Once we step out of the shower, many of us yearn to see ourselves as shampoo commercial models; but the reality is quite different. In addition to having a good cut and using some anti-frizz lotion, you may feel that you have to achieve some technical mastery in order to dry your hair perfectly.

Here you’ll know how to dry your hair faster and look flawless, even if you only have like 10 minutes to get it done.

Whether you have a very long, a bob with bangs, extraordinary curls or another style, everything starts in the shower. Therefore, the main thing is to rinse with abundant water in order to get rid of any remaining foam or treatments that you may have applied.

Humidity to the minimum

Wrapping your hair in a towel will remove all that water excess, but if your hair is very wet, the towel will only get humid and will not absorb enough water. Before drying it with a towel, be sure to squeeze out the excess water.

The first trick to dry your hair fast is to use towels thoroughly. Surely you will have noticed how important this is when you go to your hairdressing appointment. So, the ideal thing is to roll it up – like a turban or to one side – to drain as much water as possible. Try to wait a couple of minutes before removing it and take the comb to untangle.

Use a bristle brush

Separating your hair will allow the air to pass through better and your hair will dry quickly. And with a bristle brush you not only avoid frizz, but you also reduce any damage and improve the results.

Divide and Conquer

This is not only one of Machiavelli’s most famous quotes; it is also one of the beauty tricks of hair care professionals. Although you can use your fingers, by dividing your hair in strands you can alternate between layers and achieve a more natural look.

Shake It Off

Different experts say that shaking hair can help it dry quickly. In addition to removing any excess water, the movement will accelerate the drying process. But be careful, you do not have to do it as if you were a headbanger in a Metal concert, remember to shake your head in the gentlest way possible.

Bonus: A Little Bit Of Sunshine

If you have time and the sun came out, leave your house and let the sun do its job. Remember to always apply a little sunscreen to protect your skin, and in a few minutes, you will have dry and spectacular hair.


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