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3 Ways to Choose the Perfect Cologne

Are you a fragrance enthusiast? Or have you just recently realized that you want to search for a signature scent that your friends and loved ones will associate with you? Finding the perfect scent for you may be a daunting task. It is mainly because some perfume shops only provide you with information on the scent’s composition and its exterior bottle, and nothing more.

Some will allow you to sniff the perfumes you are interested in. You can even get some perfumed papers to help you compare scents and observe their lasting power. But with hundreds of selections paired with an overbearing salesperson, it will only cause you more confusion as to which scent is suitable for you. Click here to find out more about how to interpret this information and learn to enjoy fragrances.

Once you start wearing a signature scent, this can become a part of your identity. Now the next question is: How do you exactly choose the perfect cologne? Here are some tips to help you decide:

1. Do Your Research

The first step to take before shopping for perfume is to do your research. Start browsing online resources that can help you gather information about scents. What scents appeal to you? Which existing ones do you already love and don’t mind wearing? Are you inspired by fragrances worn by royalty, celebrities, and famous people?

If you are a newbie in fragrance shopping, you can start by comparing distinctive smells you’re familiar with and enjoying smelling in daily life. Do you love the coconut shampoo you use at your gym or perhaps the body wash present you received from a friend which smells fresh and green? These tiny details will somehow contribute to understanding your ideal scent. You can then start searching for these notes in perfumes and look for similarities or differences.

2. Study the Notes

After the research comes the study and learning. Although it might be overwhelming to know all the technicalities of fragrances and their notes, you should at least be familiar with the three layers of notes in a cologne. These are the top, heart, and base. Top notes are usually the strongest and will be the first scent you can smell. However, this will fade out soon and will make way for the second and third notes. The heart notes are usually composed of floral scents since their main job is to balance aromas and bind them well to the ends. As for the base notes, these are the prominent and long-lasting scent you can smell in your cologne. It is the scent that will appear continually, depending on the fragrance’s longevity and sillage.

Study these different layers of notes, and choose a cologne with a great collaboration of the top, heart, and endnotes. Notes often change from season to season, and winter fragrances usually smell a bit heavier than other seasonal perfumes.

3. Know Your Purpose

You should ask yourself why you want to have a signature scent. Partner it with questions about your personality, likes and dislikes, and preferences. All your answers to these questions will help you decide and generate the reason why you want to wear a particular scent.

Once your family, colleagues, and friends can incorporate and be familiar with your signature scent, they will quickly recognize and be reminded of you when they get a sniff of it. So, make sure to choose something that is not overwhelming and displeasing to the nose. Dial down on muskiness and better stick to green and woody notes, as they are milder in nature and longevity. Also be sure that you don’t over-apply your scent—a little goes a long way.


Once you follow these three easy tips, you will be able to decide on a signature scent without feeling anxious and overwhelmed by the many choices. The key is to know what scent you want and to check the notes that will harmonize into a great, long-lasting smell. Enjoy your experience searching for the best cologne for you and get excited to hear compliments from your family and friends about your signature perfume.

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