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15 Nail Trends You Need to Sport This Summer

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It’s officially time for a summer manicure! And this is the time when nail trends get very innovative and fun. If you want to get the most out of the season, you should definitely include plenty of vibrant colors and fun patterns. You can always go all in and paint fruits on your nails. Watermelons and cherries are the two top trending fruits to try on your nails this year. If you are opting for classier manicures, add some tin foils sparkle to the tips. Colorful rainbows, palm trees, polka dots, are just a part of the chic manicures you can pull off this summer without worrying whether it will be too much. If you’ve been looking for the perfect nail art to flaunt this season, check out these nail trends that will be all over Instagram.

Palm Obsession

15 Nail Trends You Need to Sport This Summer palm trees
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