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13 Top Trending Women’s Hairstyles

With New Year around the corner, now is the best time to start the year with a new hairstyle. You can do anything to look fresh like change hair colors, get a new hair cut or just style your hair in a different manner.

The choice is left to you based on your preferences, the type of hair you have and your face shape. Here is a list of the trending women’s hairstyles for 2020 for inspiration in getting a new look for the New Year. 

1. Windswept wavy hair

Glamorous Hair Looks That’ll Get You Through Wedding Season wavy hairstyle with headband
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Photo By @natalieannehair/Instagram

This is a low-maintenance hairstyle that you can anytime. Just give your natural hair a windswept look, making you look carefree and free-spirited in nature. This is ideal f you have slightly wavy hair. Don’t worry if you don’t have wavy hair. Just make some curls with a curler before styling your hair. 

2. Shaggy layers

This chop cut makes a loud statement to show your new energy levels for the New Year. It’s left to you to decide how many layers you want based on your hair structure. The number of layers isn’t that important. The hairstyle looks the best only if and when you know how to carry the hairstyle with swag. 

3. Crochet and braided hairstyles

You should consider straight crochet hair and braided hairstyles if you are one of those who don’t have the patience or interest in trying out new hairstyles every now and then. 

It’s because once you braid your hair, you don’t have to worry about hair styling for months. It at the same time protects your hair from the harsh environment while giving your hair some rest. Besides crochet and braid hairstyles always turn some heads wherever you go!

There’s another plus point about these hairstyles. Its space for experiment and creativity. There are not only so many braiding techniques to choose from, but you can also experiment with highlights, different shapes, patterns, and clips and choose between a natural or curly texture.

You end up with any hairstyle ranging from Senegalese or rope twists to thick curls that look so natural. You can also style the crochet tresses in various ways or add some accessories like beads or bows. 

Thick hair and hair that’s naturally permed is meant for braids. So you may as well use it to your advantage. You can choose from so many crochet and braided hairstyles like:

  • Black hair that’s braided and wrapped around with fresh flowers to give a Boho chick look. 
  • You can alternatively have very loose braids from the mid-shaft of your long hair. It’s not visible much in the front but does look sloppy at the back.  
  • Cornrows have always been a cool hairstyle. So why not try some tight and edgy cornrow styles for the new season?
  • Long, 3-dimensional twisted rope braids look best, and interesting, for those with long and thick hair. 
  • If you want braids with a touch of elegance, then why not go for the low-braided bun? It’s elegant enough to complement even the simplest outfit.

4. Elegantly twisted back bun

This is your go-to hairstyle if you want something that’s cool for the hot summer months. It’s also quite multipurpose in looks, wearable to both office and family events. 

5. Twisted pinned hair

This is a popular hairstyle with most celebrities with its front twisted hair strands and open hair at the back. It not only makes you look cute but blends with most outfits.

6. Curled edges

This is the trending hairstyle for evening plans and date nights. It has a simple and classic look that looks great with bodycon dresses and even tee jeans. Besides, you don’t need much to get your curled edges. You can do it with a round brush and a blow dryer.  

7. Headband and diffused curls

How to Wear The Headband Trend
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Photo Source: Pinterest

Headbands are just what you need to create a trending look in 2020. Bright colored hairbands go well with both long and short hair. You can add some versatility to your hairstyle by using a cloth headband instead of headbands, for a boho look. 

8. Double French braid ponytail

This hairstyle looks best on girls with long hair. Your face adorns a clean look when you tie your hair in a tight, braided pony. This is a multi-functional and versatile hairstyle that can be worn practically anywhere and everywhere; to formal occasions, a casual day out and while working out. 

9. Half loose braid

Braided hair is indeed one of the trendiest hairstyle options in 2020. If you aren’t keen on crochet and braided hairstyles, but like braids, then you can always carry a half loose braid.

It doesn’t need any combing and can be easily done without much practice. This is why it’s especially popular with college grills where you have minimal time for fun but want to look the best. 

10. Ponytail with a messy front fringe

Don’t get fooled by the word messy, because this is where the beauty of the hairstyle lies. It actually gives major head turns if done properly and set with some hair setting spray. 

11. Choppy highlighted ends

One of the more popular hairstyle trends for 2020 is choppy ends with honey highlights. It’s easy to achieve; just have your stylist thin out the ends to give a choppy and sexy finish while adding dimension to your look. You can add some definition by adding some dry, texturing spray. 

12. Ponytail with ombre highlights

ponytail hairstyle
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Photo By @justinenarjan/Instagram

This is a rather messy but common 2020 hairstyle. It’s a variation of the classic ponytail where the tail is highlighted with ombre color or is wrapped with a chic ribbon. 

13. Rainbow hairstyle

Coloring your hair a rainbow of colors helps give a full-blown transformation and is the next big hairstyle for 2020. Now only do the rainbow colors look funky, but teams up well with your cresses. 


With 13 trending hairstyles to choose from and adorn in 2020, you are sure to find something that suits your style and preferences. There’s no need to even wait for the New Year, you have enough time to try out one before the New Year comes barging in!


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