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10 Most Underrated Tourist Attractions in the U.S.

By straying off the beaten path, you can make some of the best travel memories. It’s important to go beyond the obvious tourist attractions to really experience a place up close. When you travel to lesser-known places, you’re likely to discover new experiences that you never thought were possible. Here are 10 underrated tourist attractions in the U.S that are worth checking out.

1. Letchworth State Park, New York

This state park covers 14,427 acres and is also referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the East.” This is thanks to the Genesee River which flows through the area in a deep gorge. There are three large waterfalls on the river and breathtaking views all along the way.

2. Black Hills, South Dakota

Looking to experience what the Wild West was like back in its heydays? Head to the town of Deadwood in the Black Hills of South Dakota. While you’re there, you can also visit Custer National Park, Mount Rushmore and other famous attractions of the area.

3. St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine is a tiny town in north Florida that dates back to 1565. It is a must visit for its stunning Spanish Architecture, like the 17th-century stone fortress- Castillo de San Marcos.

4. The Museum of Death, California

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Situated on Hollywood Boulevard in L.A, the Museum of Death is sure to pique your interest in the Macabre. It is home to gruesome exhibits like replicas of execution devices, gory death videos, pictures of infamous crime scenes and morgue photos.

5. Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

The Isle Royale National Park is situated on the largest island in the Great Lakes. This undiscovered gem has a unique closed ecosystem and is home to animals like wolves and moose.

6. Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Wyoming

This a fascinating facility located near Yellowstone National Park that showcases the life and feats of William “Buffalo Bill” Cody. There is an impressive collection of western art as well as galleries that highlight Native American history.

7. Boise, Idaho

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What’s your Idaho Story…. GIVEAWAY. 😘 – Hey guys – this is Natalie – the Hello Meridian creative director. – One thing I have learned in the 2 1/2 years I’ve been running this page, is that everyone has a story to tell about how they came to call Idaho home. Whether you’re born & raised, raised & have returned, surprised to find yourself in Idaho, or have called it home for 20 years. I’ve heard a lot of the stories, & I think you guys might be interested in hearing them as well! I’ll even go first. I was raised in Greenacres Washington, just a few miles away from the Northern Idaho border. After college I got married and moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee. My southern husband & I thought that Chattanooga would probably be our permanent home. It’s absolutely the most charming place. However, we saw a need for change in career & within a few days of looking, we had an offer from some place called Meridian Idaho. Neither of us had even been to Boise. I’ll admit, I was not incredibly enthusiastic. SW Idaho? We knew nothing about the area. But after one trip out to explore, my husband assured me that this was somewhere pretty special. Eight years ago this week, after years in the South, we found ourselves living in Meridian with our children. – My very first reaction to living in Idaho was that I felt incredibly exposed. If you’ve lived here your entire life, you might not be aware how strange it is for some people to see from one side of the city to the other just from opening your front door. I was used to living in a place that was nature in chaos, cacophonies of katydids, thunderstorms, humidity, & close air sweet with honeysuckle. – But I still remember the first night I walked outside to see the huge clear sky – smelling sagebrush and BBQs, hearing just a faint hum of crickets, and feeling the warm dry air. Somehow I knew – this would be our new forever home. Now let’s hear your Idaho story. And tag a few friends to play along. I will randomly select one comment to receive a little prize – Two Day passes to Roaring Springs, Two Unlimited passes to Wahooz along with a few Idaho surprises. Just from me to you. 😘 📷 via @helloidahome #hellomeridian

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Idaho’s capital has so much to offer visitors like fun festivals, a thriving shopping district and a number of award-winning wineries. In addition to all the urban adventures you can have, there are plenty of outdoor escapes if you feel like getting close to nature.

8. Space Coast, Florida

Home to the Kennedy Space Center, Florida’s space coast has witnessed iconic launches like that of the Apollo 8. Visitors can experience simulated Mars missions, go kayaking around Merritt Island and even view satellite launches from Cape Canaveral.

9. Bourbon Country, Kentucky

The state of Kentucky has a bourbon-distilling heritage that runs deep. In Bourbon Country, a triangle between Elizabethtown, Lexington, and Louisville, you’ll come across some of the country’s best distilleries as well as great restaurants with bourbon-inspired menus.

10. Traverse City, Michigan

Traverse City is a little known seaside destination that’s located towards the north of Lake Michigan. It has much to offer travelers including gorgeous nature trails, waterfront activities, fantastic shopping and top-notch restaurants.


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