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Zero Waste Decorating For The Holidays

The bells are starting to jingle and the holiday season is slowly launching its engine. You may be one of those holiday extremist that just can’t wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate, or you’ve taken the stance that decorating may be too unfriendly to the environment this year. Well, this is no time to take on the, “grinch” status. You can still bustle in the holiday spirit, and not harm the environment while basking in all the decorating glory. Taking a zero waste approach to decorating for the holiday season is just what our ozone layer’s holiday wish is.

You may not even realized that you have a bundle of decorations just waiting to be a part of your zero waste decorating holiday experience. First scour through the house and make a list of what you have found to make your zero waste decorating dreams come true. Once the list is formed, look through Pinterest, so you can find some helpful ideas just using what you have at home. The whole point of your zero waste decorating is to be conscious, and creative with the things you find to be “garbage” in your home. The least waste we make, the easier the impact will be on the environment.


Zero Waste Decorating For The Holidays

If you were like most Thanksgiving holiday enthusiasts, you picked your gourds, and pumpkins out to display. Make sure you preserve your gourds and pumpkins so the last the entire holiday season. Although, bleach is supposed to be used, we’d like to opt. For the eco-friendly alternative. Take your gourds and pumpkins and completely clean them out. Use the insides to make a soup, sauce, or a face mask. Then, find a large bucket and take Dr.Bronner’s peppermint soap, or another of your choice and make a a ratio of one tablespoon of peppermint soap to one quart of water. Allow the gourds and pumpkins to sit in for 20 minutes. They must be completely dry before they can return outside, if that is where you wish to use them to decorate. Use old paint, fabric, or glitter you have around the house to help these items fit in with your zero waste decor.


Zero Waste Decorating For The Holidays

This may not seem like an obvious choice, but you can decorate your coffee table with holiday themed, or fashion books. This look is always sleek and will leave your guests with some reading material to scroll through.


Zero Waste Decorating For The Holidays

Zero Waste Decorating For The Holidays

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