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YouTube Sensations Niki and Gabi DeMartino Talk Each Other’s Style, Social Media, and College

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With outlets like YouTube and Instagram, anyone with a good idea or a likeable personality can make a name for themselves just by utilizing their talents. Three years ago, Niki and Gabi DeMartino took the plunge and started their own beauty and lifestyle channel on YouTube. Because of their incredible likeability, relatable content, and passion for their craft, they now have over 2 million subscribers and over 130 million views on their channel.

Niki and Gabi are both full-time students but they have still managed to grow and maintain their channel to become the ultimate virtual best friends to millions of young girls. We jumped at the opportunity to talk to these rising stars so we asked them about their fashion and beauty evolution, how they handle criticism on social media, and what it’s like to go shopping with each other despite having different tastes.

Q&A with Niki and Gabi DeMartino


How have your fashion and beauty interests changed since you started your channel? Are you taking more/less risks? Are you more/less inspired by celebrity looks?

Niki: Our fashion has definitely evolved. Gabi’s always been more girly and Ive always been more chill, but now I definitely have experimented with different styles and so has she. I would say now Im more laid-back with an edgy/feminine twist, while Gabi is still girly but with a retro/chic twist.


Which celebrities do you look up to for beauty, fashion, or lifestyle guidance?

Niki: I look up to Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift because they are constantly trying new things in fashion and don’t just stick to one look.

Gabi: I look up to Ariana Grande because she’s made a signature look for herself that no one else has, or that I’ve ever seen before her. Right away I was inspired by her innocence and girliness.


Now that you’re in college, have you found that you’ve toned down your morning routine to fit your schedule or do you feel that you have to live up to a certain expectation due to your already-established career?

Niki: YES! I basically sleep until the very last second I can now since college has me up all hours of the night!

Gabi: I guess my routine has toned down with college, but I still like to do a full face of make-up and wear a cute outfit so I feel good for the day!


Which fall beauty trends are you currently loving and promoting to your fans?

Niki: I LOVE flannels and dark lips.

Gabi: I definitely love long waves/curls and cat ears!


As Niki says she’s more the hipster, and Gabi’s more the girly girl, is it ever hard to go shopping together or do you find you are more inspired by each other’s different interests?

Gabi: Yes and no. Niki knows my style inside out so she always gets me the best Christmas presents, and if she sees something that fits my style shell walk up to me in the store and be like .≤OMG this is SO you! and it will be! But sometimes it is difficult when I see a vision that she doesnt because she has a different style than me.

Niki: I agree with Gabi. We both have different styles but we both know each other’s styles so well that we can help each other out a lot. If I see something that looks like Gabi, Ill have to buy it or show it to her. But then again, sometimes its hard when were debating what stores to go into. Gabi will be wanting to go into Victoria’s Secret while I’ll want to go into Urban Outfitters.

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