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Your Special Day: Planning A Wedding No Attendee Will Ever Forget

A wedding day needs to be planned carefully as so many variables are incorporated. You could have a number of vendors with some being reliable and others having the reliability of a coin flip. Picking a planner can cost thousands simply to book vendors which can be done by the bride and groom. The planner likely has the most reliable vendors as they handle multiple weddings monthly. The venue that you choose could have a planner come with the venue’s fee. Creating checklists in shared documents can help keep the wedding on track if you do not have access to a project management system. Below are tips to help you plan the perfect day for your wedding that nobody will soon forget.

Picking A Band Or DJ?

Picking a band for a wedding is an option but members are all a variable to account for. A wedding DJ is only one person that has to do very little besides getting the guests to interact. Dancing at a wedding is a staple of all weddings whether they are traditional or not. Finding reliable entertainment can be as easy as looking into reputable DJ companies like Drop Top Entertainment. A wedding is no time to give an aspiring DJ that’s also your cousin a shot at their first paid gig.

The DJ can also take requests as finding a song is as easy as one internet search. There will be a playlist that you preselect for certain events within the wedding. The first dance is the most important though as this will be featured in any wedding photos or videography. DJs see all kinds of weddings and should be able to get the crowd excited.

Dress To Impress With A Theme

Traditional weddings can be a blast as it’s all about entertainment along with the right combination of guests. Having a theme for a wedding can make for great pictures and a fun time. Don’t forget to make instructions explicit as general themes might be taken in the wrong way. Even if the wedding just has a theme for the reception, this can make for a memorable event. Restrictions should likely be in place as you do not want attention taken away from the bride and groom. This is your special day and the attention should not be on a guest that decided to dress inappropriately.

Don’t Skimp On The Caterer

The food at the wedding won’t be able to accommodate everyone. Offering a vegetarian option is encouraged as you shouldn’t be expected to adhere to the fad diets some attendees will be on. The cost per plate is going to come into play as the budget for weddings although large for some, costs can easily add up quickly. Local ingredients can provide the fresh flavors that attendees enjoy during the reception. Food aside from entertainment is a huge attraction for those going to a wedding. An open bar is likely the largest attraction as some attendees will likely need to be cut off from drinking after a period.

A caterer might have an expert bartender on staff or one they work with frequently. You want drinks to be flowing at most weddings without issue. A cash bar can be a way to ensure that attendees don’t drink too much. Open bars lead to overindulgence as the liquors might be premium and guests want to take advantage. Overserving is always a concern as some people might appear relatively sober and end up being extremely inebriated.

Nailing Down The Guestlist

The guests invited to the wedding might not all RSVP that they can come. Sending out invites with this in mind is very important. If you have a venue to fill, you’ll likely have to invite too many attendees. Even those that respond positively to the RSVP might not show up due to a last-minute sickness or emergency. Travel arrangements can also be a nightmare at certain times of the year due to inclement weather.

Seating arrangements at the reception need to be closely monitored as well. Old friends can get a bit boisterous but you don’t want guests sitting next to relative strangers. Letting bartenders know which guests to monitor might seem overzealous but can avoid any incidents. A fight at a wedding can ruin the night of a number of people, especially if the police get involved.

Planning a wedding that nobody will forget attending is a challenge, but possible. Take the time to nail down the details within your control. Other variables might be out of your hands so there’s no reason to stress out over them.

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