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Your Guide To Smooth Skin Using Laser Hair Removal

If you are looking for smooth and hairless skin entering this summer, and are getting little to no results from shaving, waxing, or bleaching, then look no further!

Laser hair removal, which has been around since the ’90s, has gained considerable momentum in the last few years as a foolproof method to achieve beautiful silky skin that dreams are made of. It is a non-invasive procedure that is carried out by a medical specialist to remove unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal involves beams of light that are directed towards the melanin in the hair follicle, which is the natural pigment that gives hair its distinct color. The laser light is then converted into heat that is used to damage the hair follicle while leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. Following treatment from a certified professional, the hair tends to shed away within a few days to a few weeks to reveal absolutely stunning and smooth skin.

If this sounds overwhelming and possibly scary, we urge you to take a deep dive by reading this article to get to know everything about the treatment that is the talk of the town!

What To Expect During A Laser Hair Removal Session

The first thing you need to do when you decide to remove your hair this way is to find the right person to do it, usually in a clinic in the area you live in. So if, for example, you’re a Canadian living in Surrey, BC, your goal would be to find the best laser hair removal Surrey-based clinics to help you obtain that silky smooth skin, while still saving you money on gas and other traveling expenses.

Specialists and experts will then hold a one-to-one consultation with you and carry out a test patch to ascertain the best laser technology for your hair and skin type. Before your session, you will be asked to shave the area that you want to get treated. The area will then be thoroughly cleaned so that traces of makeup or any skincare product such as lotion or sunscreen are completely removed. A professional in protective gearing will then ask you to wear laser safety glasses before beginning the procedure. 

During the session, you can expect to feel a little bit of prickling and burning, but this is usually tolerable. However, as a client, you have the option to ask for numbing cream or gel in case the pain gets too much to handle. 

Depending on what area you wish to laser, the session can take anywhere between 5 minutes to 2 hours. For example, getting your face lasered will take at least 20 minutes, while a full-body laser by an experienced practitioner will take up to 2 hours. 

We recommend finding a professional place with aestheticians and dermatologists so that they take all the precautions and follow all the protocols to give you the best laser hair removal experience.

Things You Need To Know Before You Book Your Laser Hair Removal Appointment

Before you book a consultation or a session, it is important to know some important facts about laser hair removal treatments.

First off, these are most effective for those who have coarse, dark, and thick hair as the laser tends to better target the hair follicle. This is why lasers often work best for the upper lip, chin, underarms, and bikini areas.

Secondly, laser hair removal is not a one-off treatment that will permanently eliminate your hair. Instead, it works to significantly reduce the growth of the hair to a point that is easily manageable. This is achieved after at least 6 to 10 sessions. The reason you require multiple treatments is because your hair tends to grow in cycles, which has to be taken into account for each area of the body undergoing laser treatment. These sessions are usually spread out over a period of 5 to 6 weeks. So ideally, in order to treat a given area, you need to regularly attend your laser sessions for a year. 

It is important to inform your laser hair removal clinic in case you are taking any medications. This is because some drugs, such as antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medicines, can be photosensitive, which means that you must ideally stop taking them at least 2 weeks before your laser hair removal session.

Always remember to shave at least 24 hours prior to the session. Once you begin your laser treatment, avoid waxing, threading, bleaching, and tweezing, as this removes the hair from the root and doesn’t allow the laser to effectively penetrate the follicle to destroy it. Additionally, avoiding professional or self-tanning the body area that you plan to get lasered as this will directly impact the effectiveness of the treatment. 

Lastly, following laser hair removal, your skin will grow sensitive to sun exposure. This is why we highly recommend using a good quality sun protectant that is SPF 50+. 

Different Laser Hair Removal Technologies

As laser hair removal has gained popularity, new and more effective technologies have come up. Generally, there are three main types of laser hair removal treatment options currently on the market, as listed below.  

Diode Laser Hair Removal

This type of laser goes deep into the skin due to its longer wavelength, which makes it a suitable option for individuals who have thick and coarse hair on both light and dark skin. While diode laser hair removal often requires fewer sessions on average, the exact number varies from person to person.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Ideal for those who have light skin tones, this is one of the most common laser hair treatments on the market. However, it has a shorter wavelength compared to the diode one, which means that it doesn’t penetrate the skin as deeply. This is also why the Alexandrite treatment may require more sessions to achieve the same results as the diode. 

Nd and LP Nd: YAG 

This laser is great for thick and coarse hair on darker skin tones. Since it has the longest wavelength out of all the lasers, it may be a bit more painful compared to the rest. Generally, this type of laser is not recommended for people who have fine hair and/or light skin, as it is not effective for their hair and skin type.

Parting Thoughts

On the whole, laser hair removal treatments are quite efficient, although they can be a bit heavy on the pocket. They are convenient, safe, and optimal for those who are looking for near-permanent solutions to achieve smooth skin. It does, however, require patience and time to achieve the desired results.

So if you are in search of the ultimate answer to your unwanted hair problems, book a session and try laser hair removal out for yourself. We promise you that there is nothing like the feeling of smooth skin for longer periods of time!

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