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Your Guide to Oil-Based Cleansers: Why They’re More Beneficial for Skin

It’s an old, outdated belief that oil-based cleansers are no good for your skin. For too long people have believed that oil-based cleansers are not for oily skin or that oil-free skin is equivalent to clean skin, and this just isn’t true. Those are some very outdated myths, actually. Your skin produces natural oils because it’s necessary to do so, and your cleansers should balance out your natural oils, not remove them entirely from your face. We’re here today to break those old ways of thinking and explain how oil-based cleansers can easily become your new best friend.

Why Your Skin Produces Oil

Your skin naturally produces oil because it’s a healthy part of life. Each of your pores have a sebaceous gland underneath it, and the job of the sebaceous gland is to produce a natural oil called sebum. Sebum helps to keep your skin stay hydrated, therefore, keeping it healthy and plump.

Because your skin’s natural oils are healthy for you (sometimes they can overproduce, and that can lead to problems), it’s important to understand that you should be focusing on balancing your oil production instead of completely removing the oil from your skin. We tend to think we can overwash our face to get rid of oil, when the point should be to balance our natural oil production… which leads us to the first and most important benefit of an oil-based cleanser. An oil-based cleanser helps us to balance out the oil production of our skin rather than just washing off the oil on the skin. In other words, it can cleanse your skin without stripping off your skin’s natural oils as some oil-free cleansers do.

Benefits of an Oil-Based Cleanser

Aside from balancing out your skin’s natural oils, oil-based cleansers are great for cleaning dirt off your face, unclogging your pores, and removing excess sebum from your face. So, it effectively does the job of your regular cleanser but with the added benefit of oil balancing. In fact, oil-based cleaners are known to give you a deep clean by getting deep down into your pores to fight blackheads and acne at bay.

However, more importantly, oil-based cleansers have also been proven to remove makeup more effectively from your face in a gently, harmless manner. In fact, most makeup removers use some form of natural oil such as camellia oil, which has become equivalent to makeup removal in the modern beauty world. Some people even use regular household extra virgin olive oil as a way to remove makeup. By going the oil cleansing route, you can use one product to do the job of makeup removing and cleansing rather than having to use two different products and follow more steps.

Because oil cleansers balance your oil production rather than removing all oil, they can easily make your skin more hydrated, which, in turn, leads to softer and more supple skin. They seal hydration inside your skin while also being incredibly gentle on you.  This, in turn, also calms redness and soothes irritated skin.

Lastly, oil-based cleansers do not harm your skin’s natural lipids. What are lipids? Lipids are the natural fats found on your skin, and they play a crucial role in both protecting your skin and aiding in your skin’s repair process. Healthy, youthful skin has plenty of lipids. When cleansers damage your lipids, it isn’t good for the youthful elasticity of your skin. So, by protecting your lipids by using an oil-based cleanser, you are helping improve your skin’s elasticity.

AAVRANI’s Purifying Oil Cleanser

With all that in mind, which oil-based cleanser do we recommend? Well, we particularly love AAVRANI’s Purifying Oil Cleanser. We’ve found AAVRANI’s oil cleanser to be soothing, purifying, and nourishing at the same time. It’s incredibly effective at removing makeup and yet is still gentle and refreshing, too. With clean ingredients like steam-distilled sandalwood oil, camellia flowers, and aloe as top ingredients, it’s no wonder why this oil cleanser is so beneficial for your skin.

These are the reasons we think it’s crucial to try switching to an oil-based cleanser. We see the benefits they offer your skin that many non-oil-based products just don’t offer. Like with anything, it’s important to note that your skin needs time to adjust to your new routine. So, keep in mind that when you switch to an oil-based cleanser, it may take a couple of weeks to see the benefits start to appear. Be sure to give yourself that time and watch as your skin becomes renewed. So, we’ve already made the switch ourselves. What are you waiting for? Check out AAVRANI and their line of clean, holistic beauty products today. 

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