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Youngblood Lip Gloss – I Can’t Get You Out of my Mind

I’m reminded of an old Beatles tune, Young Blood, “Young Blood, looky here, looky there, I can’t get you out of my mind.” when I tried Youngblood Cosmetics Mighty Shiny Lip Gel. I truly can’t get these lip gels out of my mind. And I haven’t been able to stop applying it all weekend as well!

Why am I raving about this lip gloss?
Well, it is aptly named.
It is not really a gloss although it gives you a glossy effect. It is more like a gel in that it goes on smoothly and it’s not sticky! I absolutely abhor sticky lip gloss! Your hair gets stuck in it and it smears all over your face. This lip gel goes on smoothly and gives a high gloss shine. And it feels soothing and quenching.

It comes in seven shades that are perfect for summer. I love purple Exposed and barely there Revealed. These lip gels also contain anti-oxidants and oils to moisturize your sexy pout all day long.
And the applicator is simple by design and a perfect slim fit for my evening bag.

And Youngblood is both paraben free and cruelty free!

Visit their official website:


And get sexy lips all summer long!

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