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You’ll Love These Beauty Trends!

We love to stay ahead of the latest beauty trends so that we can sport looks that are in style before anyone else and anticipate what’s to come. Winter has come to a close, and now we look to Spring to inspire us with our beauty routines. Let’s take a look at several Spring beauty trends that you can get on board with this year!

Lighter, Fresher Makeup: the No Makeup Look

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times: the all-natural “look” is in; all natural means barely there, minimally changing, as close to reality as possible. Thicker eyebrows, minimal eye makeup, concealer (if you must). all things that revolve around the “No Makeup” look that we’re loving for this spring.

High Ponytails

High ponytails were a thing of the 90s, and as it so happens, they’re making a comeback. In fact, people are loving high pony’s so much, they’re opting for clip on pony’s when their hair won’t quite cut it. For the best high pony look, tease the crown of your head to provide a little lift, so that your hair doesn’t appear “matted” to your head.

Sun-kissed Sheer Complexion Created by Bronzer on Cheeks

Bronzer is non-negotiable for your Springtime beauty routine. When it comes to bronzer, “sun-kissed” is the key word. You always want to select a color that isn’t too dark, and you never want to be heavy-handed with the bronzer. Rather, a light application that highlights your natural complexion in the sun is exactly what you’re looking for.

Pin Straight Hair – Yes, It Is Back!

In case you hadn’t noticed, styles come and go, and then come back again. Pin straight hair was something that left us briefly for a decade or so, but it’s now back! You’ll want some heat protectant product for your hair, and a high-quality hair straightener that won’t do excessive amounts of damage with consistent exposure. The longer your hair, the easier it will be to keep straight (usually) due to the weight alone.

The Afro is Also Back!

You heard right – the 70s are making a comeback as well, and you’ll likely see Afros everywhere this Spring. Look for thick hair with very tight curls to be worn within many different nationalities! We love the Afro because it’s intentional; it’s natural, and it’s customizable based on just how big you want it to get.

Don’t miss out on these amazing Spring beauty trends and routines!

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