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You Will LOVE This New Track by Maggie Szabo

With over 13 million YouTube hits, budding singer/songwriter Maggie Szabo has a voice that deserves the attention. Szabo recently released a powerful track titled “Forgive and Forget” that’s so raw, gritty, and full of soul that I’d gladly throw out the majority of today’s Top40 to put it on rotation.

More about Szabo, she recently won the International Songwriting Competition and is a featured vocalist on DJ Schiller’s upcoming album, that already hit #1 in Germany.

We asked Szabo about “Forgive and Forget”, her career as a songwriter, and even fitness as her Instagram is full of kick-ass workout photos.



Q&A with Maggie Szabo

You recently released a video for “Forgive and Forget”. What was the inspiration for the song and video?

I wrote that song after going through a tough relationship during my first year of moving to Los Angeles. Everything just felt really overwhelming and difficult, and was happening all at once.
One night I sat down at my piano and the song kind-of just happened. A year later I ended up recording the song, and then the video came. I wanted the emotion to come across visually in our music video, and when my video director brought up the idea of a choreographed dance with Chris Brochu (my co-star in the video), I loved the idea! It was a challenge for both of us, but it ended up being a lot of fun to work on together!


You’ve announced that you’re working on an album. What can we expect to hear, in terms of music and lyrics? Any set plans for a release date?

Yes! I am so excited. My plan is to release singles and music videos until I announce a release date for the album. I am having a lot of fun with the whole process, because with every single release comes a whole new music video.



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