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You Should Be Meditating with These Stones for a Bright, Prosperous Summer

Summer is the best time to manifest abundance and reap the benefits of the sun by using healing stones. Additionally, people have associated this season with joy, passion, and excitement because of the abundance of energy everywhere. The good news is that you can connect with the abundant energies of the sun or summer by using stones to feel happy, motivated, and full of life. So, here are some stones for a bright and prosperous summer.

1. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is an excellent stone you can use this summer, especially if you want to expand your creative and artistic skills. Aside from that, this crystal can also help sharpen our senses, resulting in a focused mind. As such, you can meditate with Tiger’s eye if you want to focus on your work or project. It can also give you the self-confidence to accomplish your goals.

If you want to attract prosperity and good fortune, this stone can also help. As you know, Tiger’s eye is a stone of good fortune, and it can attract positive energy and a steady flow of money.

2. Citrine

One of the best stones for a bright and prosperous summer is citrine. To be specific, this stone carries the sun’s positive energy. As such, it is associated with optimism and positivity. You can also meditate with this stone to manifest abundance and open great opportunities. Plus, it boosts your self-esteem and creativity, helping you turn your ambitions into reality.

3. Sunstone

Another excellent stone you can meditate with this summer is sunstone. As you know, this crystal can bring happiness into your life by alleviating stress and dissipating fearfulness. Aside from that, it is also known as the “Stone of Leadership” because of its ability to expand your consciousness, provide mental clarity, and strengthen your personal power. Best of all, it is also associated with good fortunes. As such, you can wear it to attract positivity and prosperity into your life.

4. Peridot

Aside from those stones for a bright and prosperous summer, you can also meditate with peridot. It is a physically regenerating and mentally stimulating crystal. It can also help open your mind so that you can recognize your destiny and purpose in life.

Because of its association with the sun, peridot was used by early civilization to drive away dark forces. Aside from that, many people also used this crystal to manifest positivity and abundance in health, wealth, and relationships.

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