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You Should Absolutely Try These DIY Fall Wreath Ideas

Decorating your front door or window with a seasonal wreath is an excellent way to add personality to your home. Plus, fall is the perfect season to create a wreath because of the various colors and textures you can use. So, if you’re searching for some ideas, here are some of the best fall wreaths you can do this season.

A. Wheat and Feather Wreath

A wheat and feather wreath is a simple decoration that can make your home sleek and stylish. Plus, the wheat delivers a rustic vibe, adding some personality to your front door.

To make this simple yet beautiful wreath, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 2 bundles of one pound wheat
  • Straw wreath form
  • Pheasant feathers
  • U-shaped florist pin


1. The first step in making a wheat and feather wreath is to attach small bundles of wheat to the wreath form. You can do attach the wheat using the U-shaped florist pins. You should fill the wreath form with wheat and let each bundle overlap with the previous bundles.

2. Once you’ve filled the wreath form with wheat, you can attach the pheasant feather at the side of the wreath.

B. Burlap Wreath

As you know, autumn is the harvest season, and one of the best fall wreaths you can do is the burlap wreath. Remember, most of you use burlap when going to the farmer’s market to get fresh produce. As such, this material is an inexpensive way to add the fall spirit to your home.

To make this stylish wreath, you’ll need the following material:

  • 3 or more rolls of burlap
  • Wire wreath frame
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Ribbon for garnish


1. The first step in making this beautiful wreath is to tie or attach the burlap to the wire wreath frame. In doing this step, you have to make sure to tie a knot at the outer ring, and the knot should be facing the back portion of the wreath.

2. Afterward, you can pull the burlap out of the frame so that you can create a loop or bubble. To do this step, you can reach through the wires with your fingers, then pull and tug the burlap until you make a little loop. After pulling the loop, the next step is to twist the fabric below the loop. Then, you can make another loop in the next wire gap. Keep in mind that the twisting keeps the loop in place; thus, you shouldn’t skip this step.

3. The third step is to repeat step two until you get the texture and shape that you want. When pulling and tugging, it is recommended that you hold the wreath in front of you to ensure that you like the way it looks. If not, you can make adjustments to improve the texture and shape of the wreath.

4. Once you’ve filled the wire wreath frame with burlap, the next step is to cut any loose ends using a pipe cleaner.

5. Finally, to add a pop of color to your burlap wreath, you can garnish it with a bow or ribbon.


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