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You Searched for It! The Top Beauty Trends for 2018 on Pinterest are…

While Pinterest is renown for those in the home decor, wedding, and fashion community, many users also search the site for beauty inspiration and to learn about the latest trends. As the platform keep statistics on searches, it’s perfectly equipped to predict trends in all featured categories.
Thanks to Pinterest, these are the beauty trends you should know about for 2018.

Stop, Drop & Dermaroll

Skincare fads seem to come and go and can get stranger ever year. From the vampire facial to bubbling face masks, we’ve all been led to try some weird stuff on our skin! The latest growing trend of dermarolling seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

Dermarollers (or facial rollers) are little rolling devices that are covered in tiny needles. You roll them up and down your skin to get a deep exfoliation and renew your skin. The way it works is literally by stabbing your skin repeatedly in an attempt to increase collagen production.

Sounds scary, right? Well, you’d be surprised to hear how safe it actually is. If you’re just starting out, we definitely recommend having it professionally done. But once you have it down, you can do it all by yourself! This trend may sound creepy, but the results we’ve been seeing are definitely worth it!

Multi-Purpose Oil

We all know that Pinterest is infamous for its countless DIY beauty recipes. It’s all about mixing home ingredients to create beauty concoctions. Pinterest users also love looking for multi-functional recipes and products.

Pinterest predicts 2018 is going to be all about the oils! We’ve always heard about the multi-use for oils such as coconut oil, but there are countless others!
We’re talking about oils that can be used on your face, in your hair, on your body and even in your food! Who doesn’t love a good multi-purpose product?

Tint Your Lips

When it comes to lip products, we find that trends mostly revolve around colors. The same shades rotate every season and year. Then, of course you have the continuous toss up between glossy lips and matte lips. But what about a new finish?

Tinted lips are by no means a new and modern concept. They’ve been around for decades, and they’ve especially been constantly trending in Asian countries such as Korea. However, lately they’ve migrated west and it’s all about the stained/tinted lips!
With tinted lips you get to work a pop of color without worrying about the maintenance. Lip tints are formulated to fade gradually and beautifully, so you never have to worry about topping it up!

Bold & Bright Eyes

It seems like it’s been years and years of neutral eyeshadow. Palette after palette comes out containing practically identical shades, and yet we all continue to buy them. Well, it’s time for neutral browns and oranges to step aside.

Pinterest searches have shown that people are all about “bright eyeshadow” building up to 2018. Suddenly, it’s all about the bold bright colors! We’re talking greens, blues, yellows, and we are so here for it! It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and have some fun! It’s only makeup!

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