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You Might Be Surprised! The Happiest Places to Live in the U.S. are…

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Have you ever thought about which city is the happiest in the United States? Well if you have, WalletHub already did their research and prepared a list. Deciding a factor that really describes happiness is an impossible thing. But there are certain things that really make the quality of life much better. For example, people say that money won’t bring you joy, which is not completely true. The study took into consideration both the income levels and the employment ranks. As the second factor, you’ll see the emotional and physical well-being of residents. Divorce rates, sports activities, depression rates, and adequate sleep time are just a part of the indicators that can be taken into consideration. WalletHub included 28 of those, to get a final list of the happiest places in the U.S.

Fremont, CA

The people of Fremont are really involved in sports activities. Fremont enjoys the fourth spot on the highest
sports-participation rate scale in the USA.

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