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You Can Now Get Beauty Samples from Amazon!

Great news! Amazon is now offering sample boxes!

For those of you who absolutely love shopping on Amazon, now the online retail giant is offering a new service that will help you decide what you really want to purchase: Prime Samples!


What exactly is Prime Samples? Well, Amazon is allowing you to purchase sample boxes. The price that you pay for the samples will come back to you as credit towards your actual purchase! This is a something that sample boxes like Birchbox and Ipsy cannot do, so this could really disturb the sample box industry.

You can choose from a wide variety of samples and the prices range from only $2 to $4. When you purchase your sample, you’ll receive equal credit towards your future full purchase. So, if you purchase a Prime Sample of hair conditioner for $4, then $4 will be credited towards your future purchase of a regular sized hair conditioner.

Now, you have to be a Prime Member in order to receive this new service. But your samples will arrive in three to five business days and shipping is always free.


What type of samples can you choose from? Well, there are beauty products galore! Also, you’ll find food, beverages, sports nutrition, and personal care items. Also, Amazon is constantly adding to their sampling array, so it is good to check back frequently to see what has been added to Prime Samples.

You can also purchase as many samples as you want. However, you can only buy each unique sample one time. Meaning, if you purchase a specific shampoo once, you can’t re-sample that one item. But, if a shampoo has a strawberry scent and a lavender scent, you can sample each one of these different scents from the same shampoo.


And, to make things even better, they also offer terrific sample boxes too! They cost a bit more, but are so worth it! You can find women’s luxury skincare items, beauty boxes, wellness and nutrition boxes and so much more!

So, what are you waiting for? We can hardly wait to try Amazon Prime Samples too!




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