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Yoga Wheel: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

The yoga wheel is a relatively new tool that many yoga practitioners swear by. If used correctly it can help relieve tension in areas that are hard to access. It can also help you stretch deeper and add intensity to certain yoga postures. When you use a yoga wheel consistently, you’ll notice an improvement in strength and stamina. However, while many people expect it to be restorative and relaxing, it is used more to increase the challenge level of a pose. Here’s what you need to know before buying one.

It Advances Your Backbends

When scrolling through images of people practicing with yoga wheels, you may think it seems like an impractical prop as opposed to something that actually supports or enhances a pose. But this is definitely not the case. When it comes to backbends, the yoga wheel really shines. It can be used as a preparatory tool to make these challenging poses more accessible as well. So, whether it’s the bridge pose you’re executing or a full pigeon pose, it can help you get started right.

You’ll Work Your Core Without Realizing It

It’s well known that a yoga wheel can help you ace your backbends. But it can also add value to a lot of other poses. Incorporating into in balance poses, in particular, can help with extra core stabilization. So, if you’re looking to challenge yourself more or add core stability try using a yoga wheel when practicing your planks, leg extensions and stand ing balance poses.

It Will Help Relieve Muscle Tension

A yoga wheel does an excellent job of releasing built up tension in your muscles. When you use it on your shoulders, it will open them up and give you more flexibility. You’ll also feel relaxed as the stress melts away when you exhale and let go. A yoga wheel is more effective than a yoga block when it comes to relieving muscle tension.

It Improves Balance

Practicing your favorite standing poses on a yoga wheel is an advanced move, but it can go a long way in improving balance. It will also give you a great core workout. Be sure to perfect the poses with your hands on the ground first and move to the wheel only once you feel steady. It’s also recommended to do this with a wall nearby or on soft ground to avoid hurting yourself.

Final Thoughts

A Yoga wheel is a deceptively simple-looking tool which can add a lot to your yoga practice. People with varying skill levels can use it thanks to its versatility. It’s a good idea to try it first at your local gym or yoga class before buying one, to see if it works for you.


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