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Yes, You Can Wear Jewelry to the Gym

Are you a habitual wearer of your favorite bracelet and necklace? Don’t you ever take off your wedding and engagement rings? It’s normal for people to be wearing their favorite piece of jewelry all the time—at work, while they sleep, and even when they take a bath. However, there is one place where many believe they must take off some of their jewelry pieces. The gym is that place. Have you ever met someone in the gym who’s wearing dangling earrings and chunky necklaces?

But while these are frowned upon, there is no hard-and-fast rule on wearing jewelry while working out. Some people are true gym experts that they can work around these “nuisances.” The problem with wearing jewelry in the gym is not that it offends others (who cares if you wear a necklace, anyway?). The problem is the material from which the jewelry is made. Gold, metals, and stones can tarnish and lose their shine because of sweat. Not to mention, your chunky necklace can get caught in the gym equipment, too, resulting in a major accident.

If you are adamant about wearing your jewelry to the gym, don’t fret. There is a way around this unwritten rule, of course. Except for dangling earrings, it’s perfectly okay to wear workout rings as long as they’re made from the suitable materials and size. That said, here are some things you have to consider when wearing your jewelry pieces in the gym:


Gold is a soft metal, so it’s usually mixed with other types of metals to be durable enough. Twenty-two-carat gold jewelry is the highest-rated gold jewelry. However, you cannot wear this type of jewelry to the gym because 22-carat gold is softer than 18 and 14 carats. The higher the gold content of the piece of jewelry, the softer and less sturdy it becomes. When the carat is lower, there is more silver and copper in the jewelry, making it harder and more durable.

Probably the safest jewelry material to wear in the gym is silicone. Rings are now made with silicone materials so chefs, gym instructors, construction workers, and lab workers can wear them in the workplace. The material is not only durable, but it also doesn’t tarnish. Most of all, silicone is cheaper compared to gold, silver, copper, and other metals.


The most acceptable piece of jewelry to wear in the gym is a size that doesn’t exceed 12 mm when it comes to sizes. It can be somewhere between 8 mm and 12 mm. They should be comfortable to wear while working out. Remember that in the gym, you’re going to move and sweat a lot. If the jewelry has stones, make sure they’re not too large that the piece becomes heavy and uncomfortable to move around in.


Danglers and chunky jewelry are a no-no in the gym. While you may feel confident about your ability to work out and wear these pieces to the gym, the facility itself might stop you from using gym equipment. After all, who wants a member to suffer in an accident? Danglers can get caught easily in gym equipment, especially in treadmills and stationary bikes.

Be conscious about the design and build of the jewelry piece. If it is too heavy or chunky and has designs dangling from it, you should leave it in a safe place before you work out. If you have to wear earrings, you’ll be best with a pair of studs. For bracelets and necklaces, make sure they’re not too long that they can get caught up in gym equipment.

Type of Workout

The workout that you’re going to do will also affect whether or not you can wear jewelry pieces. Cardio workouts such as running are generally okay with lightweight earrings. Still, you should avoid wearing jewelry with sharp edges since you can lose your balance and fall when running. If you’re running outdoors in the evening, you also don’t want to appear attractive to robbers who are looking for quick money.

You can wear jewelry in workouts that involve floor exercises because the pace is slow. If you’re doing yoga or Pilates, make sure that you’re not wearing a piece of jewelry that’s too tight. As usual, avoid wearing jewelry with sharp edges because it can hurt you in sensitive places.

Minimal jewelry is okay when working out. Just remember that your jewelry shouldn’t be too heavy to carry. You will also have a hard time exercising when there’s additional weight from your accessories. If you really need to wear them, keep the accessories minimal.

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