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Yes, You Can Rent An Entire Island On AirBnB!

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Imagine, if you will, an island inhabited by only you and people you enjoy spending time with, without spending billions of dollars, or even necessarily hundreds. Sound amazing? It’s possible! Here are some reasonably priced islands that you can find on AirBnB.

Ilha Grande, Brazil

This gorgeous, lush island is quiet and serene, with another island attached to it, accessible by a small bridge. With 6 bedrooms, each with a private bathroom in this sophisticated designer house, you and 13 other friends can live comfortably among clear, waist-level waters, fruited trees, and hammocks. Amazing nature trails through rainforests as well as waterfalls and private beaches await you. A staff and cook are available, and activities such as scuba diving and floating restaurants are nearby. At $1679 per night, you can stay here for as little as $120 per person.

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