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WTF Beauty? First, Permanent Makeup. Now, Freckle Tattoos?

Would YOU try beauty’s newest, hottest trend? By now, most of us are at least familiar with permanent makeup and micro-blading eyebrows. Permanent and semi-permanent makeup can include lip liner, eye liner and micro-blading eyebrows which gives the illusion of more even and fuller brows. But who would have guessed that beauty’s newest trend would be freckle tattoos?!

ICYDK, prices start around $250 and the tattoos last for up to three years. This new beauty trend is opposite to previous standards of beauty where women were striving for flawless skin. Freckles appear youthful and are a more natural look, as opposed to the recent Instagram trend of heavier makeup. This heavier application of makeup is characterized by thick foundation, concealer, contour, highlighter, and dramatic eye makeup paired with perfectly applied lips. And this can be seen on celebrities such as the Kardashians and Chyna Blac. Lighter makeup on the whole, and freckles, make for a cuter, more innocent, and more youthful appearance.

Initially, this freckle trend was exhibited by women drawing fake freckles on their faces with eyeliner. Just like when women saw Cindy Crawford in the 80s and Marilyn Monroe in the 50s, they all clamored to paint fake moles on their faces as a sign of unique beauty. Today, the makeup has been replaced by freckle temporary tattoos which offer the same effect. But Dr. Ava Shamban, a Beverly Hills dermatologist, said that this trend may only boost the beauty in those under 30. He said, “When you’re young, freckles can look adorable, [b]ut when you’re over the age of 30, they are distracting to the eye and reduce attention to beautiful features in the face such as the eyes.”

While we don’t agree that this is always the case, the permanent tattoo version is very likely to have that effect. Not to mention – but definitely mentioning – that beauty standards nad trends come and go, often times quicker than you may think. And to permanently alter your face to accommodate current beauty standard, may be extremely foolish.

What do YOU think? Would you dare to try beauty’s newest tattoo trend? Or is it just too risky?


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