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WTF Beauty? First, Lip Implants. Now, Dimple Surgery?

Are women going too far to accentuate their grins?
OMG, just when you think you’ve seen it all, women are now having plastic surgery to get dimples! This year, we’ve already seen tattoo freckles, micro blading eyebrows, and permanent makeup on eyes and lips. But dimple surgery just takes the cake! I guess some girls will go to any length to achieve the perfect, trendy grin!


ICYDK, a dimple is actually a birth defect that is caused by a shortened facial muscle.
So for many, it is seen as a flaw, not something to aspire to. Others see it as a way to make their faces a little cuter so they are opting for dimpleplasty (yep, it’s a real word).
This procedure costs around $1200-$2500 and takes only 30 minutes to perform. It is considered an out-patient procedure.
And believe it or not, dimpleplasty has been around already for about 30 years. But it has become popular recently due to celebrities who have dimples naturally such as Kate Middleton, Jennifer Garner, and Miranda Kerr.
And since it is a relatively easy cosmetic procedure and not overly expensive, many are seeing it as a viable way to enhance their features.


However, a spokesman for Surgicare said, “As the skin ages and loses elasticity, there is no telling how the scars will look as the face begins to droop. Designer dimples could become designer disasters within a matter of years.” Translation: you might look like a train wreck in a few years. So, much thought and research should be done before making the decision to get dimpleplasty or not. And remember, the dimple
surgery procedure is not reversible, so carefully weigh the option to get artificial dimples or you might be sorry in the long run.


What would YOU do? Do you want designer dimples to make yourself cuter? Or is it just not worth it?




WTF Beauty? First, Permanent Makeup. Now, Freckle Tattoos?

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