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Would YOU Spend 60K on a Manicure?

Image Salon in Southern California offers the ultimate 60K manicure!

What could you do with 60K? You could invest in the stock market, have a dream wedding or.get a manicure. You heard right, Image Salon in Southern California offers the ultimate 60K manicure!

This is the most luxurious manicure for the girl who has everything, especially if she’s tired of the usual mani/pedi! What makes this manicure so special? First, they apply acrylic nails and your choice of color to your nails. Then, you consult with a jeweler to choose which diamonds to put on your nails. Some diamonds are upwards of 25K a piece! Next, they drill holes into your acrylic nails and place the diamonds into them. For the finishing touch, they complete your manicure with $500 worth of smaller diamonds on each nail!

And if that’s not enough, if you want even more luxury and glamour, they also offer 1K gold leaf pedicures! That’s right, gold leaf is applied by hand on to the top of your pedicure for that extra special wow effect!

And to make your experience even more memorable, these services also come with a facial, massage, eyelash extensions, makeup, hair, and botox! So you’ll basically leave at the end of the day a brand new you!

Viewers on Facebook had mixed reviews regarding the 60K manicure. Some said they would do it, but only if they won the lottery. Others were more practical and said, “What would I do with 60K? I’d pay off my parents’ bills and my student loans. that’s a lot of money for a spa day.” And another voiced her opinion, “There’s literally human beings out there who can’t even afford to feed themselves and people are getting 60K manicures? Whyyyyyyy?”

What do YOU think? Would you get ready to spend the day being pampered like a queen! Or would you save it for something more practical? So.what would you do with 60K?



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