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These are the World’s Most Beautiful Women According to the Golden Ratio

It’s all about the golden ratio.

Did you know there is an actual science when it comes to beauty? That’s right, even though we might not consciously understand why we perceive someone’s face as beautiful, subconsciously we view beauty according to the Greek principle of the Phi or golden ratio.

What is the golden ratio? It is the ratio of 1.618 that uses 12 key markers across the face through the nose, lips, eyes, forehead, and chin to determine beauty.

We also see the golden ratio all around us each and every day. It occurs in nature and is seen in seashells, flowers, and the digits of our fingers. In humans, we see the golden ratio in several actresses and models celebrated for their beauty.

According to science, these women are the most beautiful actresses and models of modern time as well as their percentage closest to the ideal concept of beauty using the principle of Phi.


Amber Heard 91.85%


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