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What Do Women Really Want From Men?

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If your man doesn’t know, give him this list.

It’s the centuries-old question that has both men and women pondering, “what do women really want from men?” As much as men try, sometimes they just don’t get it. They may think we want rubies, diamonds, and pearls, but in reality, most of us are looking for something more substantial. Here are the building blocks for a solid relationship with your man.


Share chores equally

Yes, this means 50/50. We are no longer living in the 1950s where a woman’s job was to maintain the house and take care of the children. Women are involved in their own careers and household chores should be split. Decide who is responsible for which chore and make certain he helps out in this area. Whether it is laundry duty, taking out the trash, or tidying up, he is equally as adept as you.


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