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What Do Women Really Want From Men?

If your man doesn’t know, give him this list.

It’s the centuries-old question that has both men and women pondering, “what do women really want from men?” As much as men try, sometimes they just don’t get it. They may think we want rubies, diamonds, and pearls, but in reality, most of us are looking for something more substantial. Here are the building blocks for a solid relationship with your man.

Share chores equally

Yes, this means 50/50. We are no longer living in the 1950s where a woman’s job was to maintain the house and take care of the children. Women are involved in their own careers and household chores should be split. Decide who is responsible for which chore and make certain he helps out in this area. Whether it is laundry duty, taking out the trash, or tidying up, he is equally as adept as you.


Once in awhile, it is nice to receive a home-cooked meal. Many men seem to think a homemade meal magically pops up from the universe without any thought of how it got to their dinner plate. Some men take your cooking for granted. This is partially because their mothers always cooked for them when they were growing up. Ask him to cook on occasion and it will not only help you, he will learn it takes both time and effort to bring a meal to the dinner table.

Keep up appearances

It has long been said that men are visual creatures. And while they expect us to keep up appearances, they often slack in this department. Let him know that it is greatly appreciated if he takes the time to make himself look presentable, put together, and handsome!


Negative comments about you or other women is not acceptable. This breeds misogyny and will hurt your relationship in the long run.

Be responsible

It’s time for him to grow up. This may include taking care of himself and not relying on his mother to help him. Also, he needs to be financially responsible, especially on big decisions that will impact the both of you. Finally, he should respect a woman’s decision on what type of birth control she prefers.


As it has been said for centuries, it’s all about the communication. And communicating about the big things in life can only benefit your relationship. These can include money, your future, the bedroom, children, retirement, extended family members, and employment. Talk, talk and talk!

Your time and attention

When was the last time your partner asked how your day went? Time and attention don’t cost anything, yet are vital in a relationship. Quite often, women will listen for hours to their partners at the end of a day. Yet, it is not reciprocated. Make certain he understands there should be a balance, a give and take, when it comes to time and attention put forth towards the other person. Remember, he should be asking you questions too!

Spend time with the children

Yes, he may be at the office all week long, but if you have children he needs to spend time with them, too. Also, you need time away for yourself, even if it’s only for a few hours. Get a manicure and pedicure and do something away from your children. He can help you with this and it is good for your peace of mind.

His honest opinion

You want the people closest to you to be most honest with you. Men should give their honest opinion to women when they need help with life’s situations. This can apply to work, child rearing, friendships, personal appearance, and much more. Value your partner’s opinion and know he is telling you the truth.


Praise feeds the soul. And everyone needs to hear it for validation and personal self-worth. We need to hear it from our man too. He should tell us that we are beautiful, sexy, glamorous, smart, funny, kind, and the list should go on and on and on!

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