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Women and Their Sexual Life

Sex is less important for women, women are too sentimental, ladies don’t have sex without love… and so on. Myths that are true or false? Here are several commonplaces about the feminine gender that really blew people’s minds!

There are many clichés about women, ranging from those regarding the odd powers of menstruation to female obsessions such as “we can’t live without makeup,” “thin is beautiful,” and “we can’t live without a guy.” The oldest, but frequently also the most vexing, are those that affect our sexuality, our way of life, and our relationship with our spouse. How sick are we of hearing them all around the world? Too! Let’s have a look at those we can’t stand any more!

Women do not require orgasm

Come to think of it, Imagine you and your partner going out to supper. Dishes arrive at the table, your spouse finishes first, and the waiter decides to remove your dish while you are still eating. Would you be content? Would you be pleased? The similar experience is felt when, far more frequently in a heterosexual dynamic, the relationship is broken up because the male has already reached orgasm, leaving the woman with nothing! In short, while we like making love in all of its forms, we also enjoy and desire climax!

They must love in order to make love

It used to be true, but only because we were forced to believe it. We were socially obligated to have romantic relationships only after marriage. Today, we are free, or we must ensure that we are free, and we must be autonomous enough to discern between sex and lovemaking, recognizing that one does not preclude the other and rejecting the notion that one is bad and the other is right.

Women have lower levels of desire than men

False, complete lie. We are outraged when we learn that men have an average of ten erections each day, but the truth is that we think about sex far too often, albeit in a less visible and brash manner than males. They are more inclined to express their sexual fantasies or make sexual comments. We are more likely to keep things inside, or to make thoughts fly more frequently without opening our mouths. In short, it’s as though the approach to male and female sexuality is mostly determined by genital projection.

Sex is unimportant to women

Sacrilege! Nothing could be further from the truth! We women, like any other sexually active creature, enjoy sex. We like it because we are thinking beings with heightened awareness in those areas. We enjoy it because it gives us a sense of freedom, satisfaction, and physical and mental fulfillment. And, like family, career, children, partners, and so on, we regard it as a relevant and important element of our lives.

When a woman gets engaged, married, or becomes a mother, she changes…

There are unquestionably changes in daily habits, schedules, and duties. This does not, however, imply that our passion has died or faded. Having a spouse or partner, as well as children, helps to stabilize life, but we are constantly willing to spend time to sexuality. Women of all ages like making love and being the object of their partner’s sexual desire, whether they are 20 or 30 or 50.

Masturbation is not done by women

There is no greater deception, nor a more difficult taboo to overcome. Female masturbation, like the fact that women watch porn, has historically been seen as a closely guarded secret. Masturbation is still considered taboo today, with just 60% of women admitting to have done it. And what about the remaining 40%? The only certainty we have is that masturbation helps one understand oneself and one’s pleasure, and hence it is necessary.

Women who start to overindulge right away are bad

Absolutely not, every woman has the freedom to choose who she wants to date and how she wants to date them. My choices do not define who I am; in fact, the opposite is true. Going to bed one evening with an interested individual with whom we have a nice feeling does not make us bad; rather, we are human beings in command of our own life, and we pick what to do with our genital organs!

A woman’s pleasure is influenced by the partner’s size

It is a major issue for men who assume that orgasm and female pleasure are solely governed by the size of the penis; however, this is not the case; they are only one of the criteria in satisfying your sex partner. In brief, the keys to female enjoyment are elsewhere: in foreplay, knowledge of the partner’s body, and, of course, your capacity to last longer; if you’re having trouble fulfilling this, there are various ED remedies to help you do this, well known Viagra or Kamagra, to name a few.

Cunnilingus is a lady’s favorite

It may appear strange, but it isn’t. Although 75% of women have had it, according to an American survey, 25% of women would be bothered by these oral caresses, either because of shame or because the sensation is unpleasant. In short, we’re not all crazy with cunnilingus. Solution? We should talk, communicate, and share before making assumptions that not all of us share!

There are some women who don’t want to get intimate

Perhaps, perhaps not. There are several reasons why some women don’t want to get intimate, some factors include; stress, hormonal changes, a lack of sexual activity, vaginal dryness etc. As a result, a lack of vaginal lubrication has little to do with desire, however, they can be related. If you find yourself in a similar situation with no specific concerns, it’s likely that our minds are alerting us that this item isn’t precisely as we expected it to be, in that case, the use of lubricant comes to play. If even lubricant won’t help, how about to spice it up with some magic pill? Did you know that female Viagra called Lovegra will significantly improve your success rate during intercourse? Lovegra simply works by increased blood flow and sensitivity in the vaginal area, leading to better natural lubrication and better sexual experience. Finally, our vagina communicates with us; let us pay more attention to it!

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