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Will Fad Diets Will Work For You?

Have you tried unsuccessfully for years to lose weight? And have you given up on diets all together because you have seen relatively little change in your body? Did you know that no single diet fits all body types?


How many of us have tried popular “fad diets” such as the Atkins, Paleo and the 5:2 diet with little or no success? You might think this is because you are eating out of control. However, this might not be the case. Each individual’s body responds to foods differently. For example, pizza and pasta are assimilated into the body differently depending on the individual. Also, some foods like tomatoes can cause blood sugar levels to surge in some, and only mildly affect others. Some individuals respond to high fat content foods in a negative way.
While others’ blood sugar levels do not fall when eating fat.


Researchers now say that diets must be custom tailored to meet an individual’s needs.
Why? Our bodies have their own, unique way of responding to a wide variety of foods.


Scientists monitored the diets of 800 people and recorded everything they ate. The result? One individual may have a certain response to a specific food. While another person may have the completely opposite response. So, the goal regarding dieting is not to follow a specific fad.
Rather, it is to custom tailor diets to an individual’s needs.


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