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Why You Should Try DIY Jewelry for Stress Relief

Whether it’s related to work issues, family problems or even the insane amount of traffic on our daily commutes, everyone experiences stress sometimes. Most of us are concerned about the level of stress in our lives and want to do what we can to cut this down. Therapy can definitely help and is a worthwhile long-term solution to look into. But what can you do right now to reduce and prevent stress?

Art therapy and its various forms can bring down stress levels. It uses self-expression and creativity as vehicles to reduce stress. It has been proven to increase self-esteem, improve awareness and even help treat the effects of trauma. While verbal language is the primary way to express your thoughts in other forms of therapy, art therapy makes use of more abstract forms of communication. It can help you overcome personal obstacles and allow elements of your subconscious that are not ready to be verbalized to come to the forefront.

One form of art therapy is making your own jewelry. DIY jewelry design is a great way to relieve stress. And you don’t need to be a designer or have an artistic inclination to enjoy the benefits of this form of therapy. It is important to remember not to focus on the final product but the meditative and therapeutic ritual of the creative process.

This kind of endeavor takes a good amount of time, and you are making a conscious decision to spend your day doing this and caring for yourself. Since time is a precious resource, each piece you create is imbued with this special significance.

If you’re intrigued by the process of creating your own jewelry for stress relief, here are a few excellent resources to help you on your way.

PS I Made This

Ps I Made This has a whole lot of DIY projects, but their jewelry tutorials really stand out. Most of these require only a few readily available and inexpensive items to create and are very easy to follow.

For the Makers

If you’re someone who likes to approach a DIY project at a slow and steady pace, this is the website for you. Janet offers step by step instructions that beginners can keep up with, and even seasoned DIY pros find enjoyable.

Studio DIY

If you’re planning on making your own jewelry, this should be one of your first stops. Their vibrant, quirky aesthetic and detailed jewelry tutorials may be just what you need to banish that stress.


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