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Why You Should Know the Name Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, Lead Singer of PVRIS

Editors of Viva Glam love to support badass women, no matter the industry or background. In music, it can be hard to find those badass women in rock and roll as it’s such a male-dominated genre. Have you ever noticed that the women you listen to are usually in pop, folk, or r&b? (Britney, Rihanna, Beyonce, Ingrid Michaelson, Rachel Platten)

There haven’t been many women who have succeeded in music in the rock or hardcore genres in the last two decades. We’re just not as easily accepted. But there are some women who are just that badass that they get everyone to notice. Hayley Williams did that over a decade ago with Paramore’s first album. Now PVRIS is doing it with their debut album White Noise as well as their deluxe version, out last month. With singles like “My House” and “You and I” taking over the airwaves, you’re about to hear more of the booming voice that belongs to the one and only Lyndsey Gunnulfsen.

Supported by band members Alex Babinski and Brian MacDonald, 22-year-old Lyndsey Gunnulfsen is an absolute force on stage. She may be petite but her voice and presence pack a powerful punch. Wearing all black, minimal yet goth makeup, and long hair accented with a shaved left side, Gunnulfsen commands the room and knows how to speak to an audience, completely unintimidated by her contemporaries in the crowd. Her singing voice is instant ear candy for the unusual dichotomy in her voice: her angelic folk-like soft singing voice and the seamless crescendos to her loud raspy harcore singing voice. That effortless control of her moneymaker will get her places.

After listening to PVRIS’s repertoire, the sound of PVRIS as a whole lacks differentiation and dynamics. But with time, experience, and a few heartbreaks, I’m sure we’re bound to hear stellar tracks in the future.


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