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Just because you didn’t do gymnastic as a child doesn’t mean you can’t do a handstand now. Just ask any yogi’s and they will prove you wrong. Young or old, it’s never too late to do a handstand.


Why do handstand?


For one, it makes you feel like a kid. When I saw my friend do a handstand recently, I was amazed at how athletic she was. I said “I could never do that”. She said “Why not?” And as soon as she said that, I thought I have no idea why not. Then she set me up for a new challenge. As I was practicing, my new found love for a handstand, I felt like a kid. It was fun. How did I just now rediscover it?


It has been used in yoga practice for many years. After doing my research from reading and watching numerous YouTube videos, I discovered it had been used in yoga for many years. Not just for gymnast and cheerleaders.


It will increase your upper body strength. If you have ever seen any pictures of me. I have the skinniest arms. I have done powerlifted and bodybuilding for many years but my arms just gets smaller and leaner. Not fuller with more muscle like most people. Due to my barely non-existent arms, I have always had no upper body strength. So it would come to no surprise that I could barely hold my own body weight upside down. With daily practice, I am now able to hold my own body weight for 1 minute upside down. I the beginning, I could only do5 seconds. Sad, I know. But today, I feel so strong that I can lift myself up and stay up!


It will increase your balance. In the beginning, I could barely balance my whole body. I was pretty weak upside down. Being a trainer for the past 10 years, I had balance standing on my own 2 feet, but not upside down on my hands. But again, with continued practice, I was stronger every time I tried it. Within a couple months, I had it down and I was strong.


It helps with circulation and mental focus. In the yoga world, going upside down helps your circulation and mental focus of one’s body. Being upside down, makes the blood rush to your head and increase blood flow to your lungs. When you get right side up, you feel invigorated.


*Disclaimer: be careful when you first try this. You may get dizzy. Have a wall or a partner help you in the beginning until you get stronger to do it on your own.


Here is a video of me instructing 3 variation for you:


Happy Handstands,






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