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Why You Should Avoid Makeup Trends for Your Audition

Candace Kita Discusses Makeup Trends for Auditions

When going into your audition, there will surely be many questions that come up as you prepare. One of the most commonly asked questions about attending an audition is, “How should I wear my makeup?” In this day and age, it might seem exciting to wear the newest makeup trends to your audition; however, that isn’t a good choice.

When you are auditioning, casting directors want to see YOU. They want to see your natural look. This way, they can imagine putting you in period piece makeup or in a more dramatic look because they know what you truly look like and what they have to work with. If you come with the latest makeup trends on your face, it limits what you can play. They will have a harder time seeing you in a period piece, for example, if you come in wearing Instagram eyebrows and blue eyeliner.

So, when you attend your audition, stay classic. Avoid sparkly eyes and too much glitter. Instagram makeup trends look great on Instagram, but they definitely don’t suit every audition.

So, stay true to your natural look, study and be prepared, and go out there and have a fantastic audition!


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