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Why You Need to Try a Lip Mask Right Now

It’s undeniable that it has been the year for lips. Bigger and plumper has been in in a big way, whether we’re talking lip fillers or the dozens of lip plumping tools on the market. We’ve all tried those tingling lip plumping glosses and some of us have even gotten a couple of CCs injected; well, it’s time to set them all aside. We’ve got the next best thing to give you smoother and plumper lips in minutes, and it’s simpler than ever to use! Lip masks have been a huge craze as of late. You know something’s on trend when you notice it featured in every Instagram makeup tutorial! Lip masks come in many shapes and forms, and we’re here to talk you through some great vegan and cruelty free options to get your lips smooch ready!

Gel Mask

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Sheet and gel masks are a K-Beauty trend that we’ve all been loving for years now. Well, they’ve decided to change the game and hit us with some lip gel masks! Lip gel masks come in a fun lip shape that’s pretty big and covers the whole area surrounding your lips. You just apply one of these for about 10 minutes before starting your makeup, and they’ll penetrate your lips to leave them extremely soft and hydrated. Well, that’s not all they do- the right lip mask will work to plump your lips! We love these Skyn Iceland lip masks that use wild berry extract to add volume and fullness to your lips. It doesn’t hurt that they leave them tasting delicious, too!

Thick Leave-On Mask

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If you want something that you can just throw on on your way out of the house, then this is a great option for you. You can even pop this in your bag and top up throughout the day. Leave-on lip masks usually come in a thick wax/balm-y consistency that you can slather onto your lips and leave it on to do it’s work. They’re great to use overnight to wake up with smooth, plump lips or you can even rock them throughout the day as a gloss. Bite is an amazing vegan brand- we love their concept of making all of their products edible. Their Agave Lip Masks not only taste delicious but they really replenish your lips in a number of flavors- they even have champagne flavor; yes, yes, and yes!

Lighter Leave-On Mask

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Another option is a lip mask that basically comes in the form of a simple lip balm. There are so many of these on the market, just lightweight balm formulas that do a lot more than your typical lip balm. Lighter lip masks are simply the most weightless of the bunch, but that doesn’t mean the benefits are any less. Take this Nugg Beauty Hydrating Lip Mask for example, it’s a luxurious moisturizing lip mask in a light balmy texture. This will give your lips instantly softer and kissable lips and it’s great for everyday use!


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