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Why You Need to Start Burning Sage for Every Life Event

Burning sage can enhance every aspect of your life!

If you’ve ever experienced the smell of burning sage, you’ll never forget what it is like. You might have wondered why people are burning it. Native American people have been burning sage for hundreds of years, which is why you might associate the burning of this plant primarily with them. However, burning sage is becoming increasingly more popular as it can be used to enhance every aspect of your life!

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When you burn sage, you add the element of positivity to your life. And there are a variety of reasons why people choose to partake in this ritual. A common reason why people burn sage is to spiritually cleanse a space or area.  By fanning it in a specific place, you will purify this space and remove any negative energies. This renews a place with positive energy and detoxifies it for you. This is important if you are moving into a house that has previously had negative energy or if you are working somewhere that was previously occupied by a negative person.

If you believe in spirits and feel that a space is inhabited by a negative energy, you can use sage to cleanse this spirit out of your home or space.

If you have experienced emotional trauma, you can cleanse yourself with sage. By burning sage, you can remove the negative psychic energy that might block positive energy fields from you.

Burning sage can also be used in conjunction with other forms of healing, such as Reiki, to balance the energy of a person. The energy centers, Chakras, are realigned with the help of burning this positively charged plant.

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The smell of burning sage can be a relaxing experience for all of your senses. Use it for your meditation and feel the positivity flow through you!



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