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Why You Just Can’t Get Enough of the Devilishly Handsome Alexander Skarsgard!

Don’t worry! You’re not alone if you can’t stop fantasizing about the Swede sensation Alexander Skarsgard!

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You might have first laid eyes on him in the HBO series “True Blood”. And ever since then, he’s had you yearning for more! If you don’t know who we’re referring to, you must be living under a rock because Alexander Skarsgard is the Swedish import that has tongues wagging!

Not only is he an acclaimed actor and director, he hails from a famous acting family! His father is none other than veteran actor Stellan Skarsgard.  And his brother is a hot commodity, Bill Skarsgard, known best for the reprisal of Stephen King’s “It”.  And if you watched “Vikings” on The History Channel, you’ve seen his brother, Gustav, who played Floki!

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But Alexander still stands out from his family and any crowd! Of course, being 6’4” in height helps!  Plus, he’s already won a Primetime Emmy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe!

He was born in Stockholm, Sweden and women love to hear him speak in both English and Swedish as this dreamboat is bilingual!

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So, what does this hunk have on the horizon? He’ll appear in the upcoming film, “Godzilla vs. Kong”, which pits Godzilla against his arch nemesis King Kong! This film also stars “Stranger Things” actress Millie Bobby Brown and Kyle Chandler! 

All personal success aside, Alexander also knows the importance of giving back. He was an Ambassador for the American team for a Walking with the Wounded event which helped wounded soldiers.  And he also participated in “Bajen Aid” which helped to raise money for the Hammarby football club.

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So, for all of you Alexander Skarsgard fans who just can’t seem to get enough of him, don’t worry! His star is just beginning to rise, and yes, ladies…he’s single!


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