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Why Women Tend to Attack Attractive Women Instead of Uplifting Them

As you know, not all women support each other. Too often we see women dislike other attractive women. There are numerous reasons for this. Sometimes, the cause is the woman’s attitude. If the attractive person is unapproachable, most people in her life will have a hard time supporting her. However, there are other reasons some women don’t support attractive women. So, why do women tend to attack attractive women instead of uplifting them?

1. They See Her as Competition

Humans are competitive in nature. Most of us will compare our lives to others. Unfortunately, some of us see the success of others as a negative thing because we want to be on top; thus, we see them as competition. As a result, we have a hard time supporting other women, especially if they are gorgeous and successful.

Keep in mind that a little healthy competition is acceptable. If you meet an attractive person, you can let her inspire you to be a better person. Remember, all of us are beautiful, so you don’t have to compete with her. By seeing her as an inspiration instead of as competition, you will be able to support her and other attractive women.

2. Envy

One of the most common reasons some women don’t support attractive women is due to envy. As you know, we want what we can’t have. Unfortunately, this desire can turn into something negative. To be specific, some people dislike a person for having the object your desire. For example, some people don’t support attractive women because they wish to have the same level of attractiveness.

3. Women Can Be Self-Conscious

Another common reason women tend to dislike attractive women is that they are self-conscious. To explain further, it is easier for us to look at others’ faults or imperfections instead of focusing on our weaknesses. As a result, some people diminish others to feel better. So, they tend to dislike attractive people instead of supporting or uplifting them.

Keep in mind that looking for other people’s flaws and imperfections is not helpful. If you want to feel better, you have to know your self-worth. Remember, you have great qualities that people will admire. As such, you have to focus on your strengths instead of your imperfections. From there, you can develop your self-confidence.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these are some of the reasons some women don’t support attractive women. Even so, the world has changed in the past years. More and more women are supporting each other instead of competing with each other. The key is knowing your true beauty and self-worth.

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