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Why The Root Melt Hair Trend Looks Flawless Any Time Of The Year

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Various balayage shortcuts and treatments promise a seamless, blended color at the end, but the “root melt” is the only one worth your cost and time. The root melt, which has long been overlooked in favor of techniques like smelting and foliage, is now receiving the respect it deserves in 2022 and 2023 since it is said to produce the ideal gradient we all want.

Instead of the bold stripes you had in middle school, today’s highlights are much more understated. Even if you’ve sworn off highlights forever after seeing yourself in your high school yearbook with a head full of foils, you should know that the technique has come a long way since then.

Following the footsteps of ombré and balayage, the newer and more subtle hair-highlighting method known as “color melting” emerged. Contrary to balayage, this technique does not require mixing two colors. The colorist will use a heavier hand with one to get a consistent tone.

Here are a few of our favorite examples of this season’s root melt hair trend.

Why The Root Melt Hair Trend Looks Flawless Any Time Of The Year 1
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Photo By @karldawsonhair/Instagram

Let’s kick off this entry with a fantastic root melt, which combines caramel and blonde. It’s impossible to ignore the stunning transformation from deep caramel to light blonde.

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