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Why the freebeat Lit Bike x Klarna Workout Bicycle Is Perfect for You

freebeat: Making Fitness Fun

Finding the motivation to workout is difficult when sipping on flavoured coffees and binge watching your favourite shows is so easy! But freebeat is here to change that for you. Working out does not have to be a boring activity filled with a monologue of instructions and repetitions. Get your body moving with the rhythmic beats of music with freebeat exercise bikes. Their high-quality products, along with their fun spin classes, will help you develop a positive attitude towards exercising. It adds that extra pep into your step for each workout routine you do.

OMG! Its Pink!

freebeat and Klarna’s collaboration makes exercising peppier and more colourful with Klarna’s signature pink. This gorgeous and fun colour complements the exercise bike’s curves and creates a sophisticated look. This fun element is a step away from the boring blacks and cold chrome colours that exercise equipment has always been associated with.

But it is not all about appearances.

Launched in February 2022, the collaboration with the Swedish fintech company came about to make fitness accessible to all. The company’s online payment plans ease the monetary burden by dividing it into low monthly payments for the classes. The success of the “21 Day Challenge” that encouraged riders to challenge themselves to 15-minutes of riding is an ode to how popular this collaboration has become.

So, what’s the freebeat Lit Bike x Klarna Bicycle Hype All About?

There are many exercising bikes available. So, why should you choose the freebeat Lit Bike x Klarna Workout Bicycle? To answer this question, we put this machine to the test.

We tested the bike on the following metrics:

  1. Set-up: Is the set-up going to tire us even before we get to exercising?
  2. Usability: How easy is it to exercise with?
  3. Features: Does the attractive price tag mean fewer features?
  4. Performance: Does it deliver on the promise of helping with our fitness goals?
  5. Value for Money: Is it truly an investment?

Ready Out of the Box

Set-Up: 4 on 5

The freebeat Lit Bike x Klarna weighs about 110lbs and comes assembled. It is relatively lighter than similar workout bikes, so apart from the initial effort of unpacking it, it is effortless to set-up. It comes with two wheels in the front which make it easy to move it across a flat surface.

Once out of the box, you only need to attach the screen to the machine along with other small attachments. Then you connect with your membership to get started.

Game On!

Usability: 5 on 5

This Swiss designed and engineered workout bike comes with high-quality, sturdy hardware. We love the Smart Saddle Detection+ sensor cleverly detects when you are in or out of the saddle. Plus, unlike other exercise bike, you do not need to wear cycling shoes.

The 22″ HD Touchscreen rotates up to 180° allowing you to position it as per your workout needs. Its glare-free, and fingerprint-free nature lets you set it up in any space without compromising your view. The gamified experience and the opportunity to compete with friends and family makes working out more fun.

An Experience Like No Other

Features: 5 on 5

Purchasing the freebeat Lit Bike x Klarna Workout Bicycle from their site will grant you a 45-day free membership. You can then pay $34.69/month and continue enjoying their fun classes and features. There is a workout class for everybody. Their enjoyable classes combined with performance tracking doesn’t make it feel like a workout.

Apart from their classes, the exercise bike also boasts many features that you might not find in its competitors. Some notable features include the Auto Resistance System, interactive strength training classes which work with their freebeat motion tracking dumbbells, and Smart Saddle Detection+.

Next-Level of Fitness

Performance: 4.5 on 5

freebeat Lit Bike x Klarna Workout Bicycle is a gorgeous piece of workout equipment. Its unique wooden flywheel adds to the aesthetics and ensures a silent riding experience. The pop of pink is a sure way to brighten up any space.

The use of high-quality hardware and efficient software features create a smooth exercising experience. While the tablet does not include a basic training session, the plethora of classes will not disappoint the user.

Worth the Investment

Value for Money: 4.5 on 5

The freebeat Lit Bike x Klarna collaboration has produced a workout bicycle that delivers on every promise. At its price point, we would say it outshines all its competitor. Together with Klarna payment plans, this exercise equipment will keep you on track with your fitness goals right from the comfort of your home.


After looking at all the metrics, we give the freebeat Lit Bike x Klarna Workout Bicycle Machine a grand total of 9.2/10. We love its slender design, how easy it is to set-up, and the upbeat classes that make us forget we are exercising. If you’re going to go with any at-home workout equipment, we strongly encourage you to choose the freebeat Lit Bike x Klarna. We LOVE it, and we think you will, too!

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