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Why Men Lose Interest in You

It’s happened to most of us at some point in our lives. One day you wake up realize your man is just not as into you as he was when you first met. Of course, this is bound to happen to some degree. After all, studies have shown the blush of romance lasts approximately four months. So, how do we keep romance and interest alive in our relationship after the initial infatuation wears off? How do we keep a partner interested for a lifetime?


Here are some simple and easy tips on how to keep your beau interested in you just like the first day he ever laid eyes on you.


Keep yourself up.
This pointer is almost a given considering how visual men are. But still, we have a tendency to get too comfortable in long-term relationships and spend most of our time in sweat pants and robes. Every once in a while, surprise him with your beauty and he will always be appreciative!


Have interests apart from him.
Most men are interested in women who have lives of their own. This means having a career, a charity, hobby or something that you do because it is important to you. And it is something that is completely separate from him. You need this also for your own self-worth. Your world can’t always revolve around your partner and children. Ask yourself, “What am I interested in?”


Personal achievement is something that makes a man proud of you. He can also help you to achieve your goals and this makes him feel like he is included. Achieve things for yourself because it means a lot to you.


Make him work for it.
Sometimes, it is important to make him work for your attention. Don’t always be at his beck and call.
This will make him learn to not take you for granted. He had to work for your attention while he was courting you. In some respect, the courting should never stop. This can be as simple as him always opening a door for you or asking you to dinner. Remember, he should never take you for granted.


We all get comfortable in long term relationships and as a result, sometimes don’t take the time to engage in good conversation. This means conversation that is not, “What do you want for dinner?” But rather more meaningful conversation that deals with hopes, goals, aspirations and dreams. Take the time to ask him about his life and he should do the same for you!


Challenge him.
Sometimes men need a swift kick in the butt. They need someone to challenge them head on. This may not be easy and may be met with some resistance. But it shows you care. Does he need to lose 15 lbs.? Or perhaps he drinks too much?
What ever the challenge, make him aware of it and offer support. He will appreciate you all the more.


Be a good listener. We all need a listening ear at times. And sometimes being a good listener is more important than offering advice. So be a good listener to your partner and he will offer the same back during a time when you need it.


Be involved in his life.
You might not be innately interested in the World Cup or NASCAR, but there are times when it is important to be involved in his interests even though they are not yours. He will appreciate it and the next time you have to spend a Sunday at your family’s house, he will rise to the occasion.

Set goals together.
It has been said that a couple that plays together, stays together. And this seems to hold true with long-term relationships. Set goals that you can achieve together such as financial and exercise goals and planning vacations.
These can bond you closer and you’ll enjoy the anticipation of achieving your goals too!


Always reserve a bit of yourself back from him.
Men like mystery. And even though you are a supportive, communicative and loving partner, always reserve a bit of yourself back from him. This is the mysterious element that will drive him crazy trying to figure you out. Being unpredictable on occasion is a good thing. Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous and surprise him every once in awhile.
How? Plan and book a weekend trip out of town for no reason. Cook an elaborate dinner. Try a new hobby like hiking, zip lining or parasailing just for the fun of it. He will appreciate it and inserting something new on occasion will keep him interested in you just like the day you first met!



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