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Why Is There an Increased Interest in Plastic Surgery Immediately Following the Pandemic?

In March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world hard, no one would have predicted that in just a year’s time, there would be a substantial demand for plastic surgery. But it happened! The plastic surgery industries have skyrocketed this year, with many people ready to jump out and get their post-pandemic work done. But what happened? Why the sudden rise and interest in plastic surgery? We’re here to give you the full scoop on what happened. So, read on, get inspired, and be sure to book your appointment soon with a reliable surgeon, such as Plastic Surgeon San Francisco, David Sieber, M.D!

You Want What You Can’t Have

When COVID first hit, the idea that the market for plastic surgery would become so in-demand seemed impossible. Most hospitals, out of space and afraid of spreading COVID, placed a stop on all plastic surgery procedures unless they were completely reconstructive and necessary in nature. Plus, many facilities that specialized in plastic surgery closed with the rest of the world for the lockdowns. Suddenly, having a plastic surgery procedure became very difficult. They were hard to come by and, therefore, the demand rose. We all know the basic laws of supply and demand. When there’s very little access to something, the demand becomes more severe. People were sitting at home with the option to have a procedure taken from them. So, naturally, those people who were already thinking about it wanted it even more.

The Digital World

Next, as everyone was stuck at home, the world became much more digital. Workout classes started being offered via streaming platforms, business meetings were now conducted over Zoom, and people suddenly spent a lot more time on their phones and computers. Well, spending more time on your phone will naturally have you scrolling on Instagram more often. And Instagram tends to inspire many to want to get plastic surgery. There are so many perfect models on Instagram (or at least women who have filtered their faces to look perfect), that spending a lot of time scrolling through this “perfect” world makes many want to match themselves to it. This leads to an increase in plastic surgery. Plus, spending more time at home looking in a mirror naturally will have you looking harder at yourself and judging yourself more frequently. Thus, even more people wanted to get plastic surgery.

The Home Recovery Window

Lastly, as the world opened up slowly and more plastic surgeons started going back to their offices, people quickly realized that most plastic surgery procedures require a period of time for you to stay home and recover. One of the hardest things about getting work done, actually, is finding the time to stay home and recover instead of going about your busy life. Well, with COVID keeping most people at home anyway, this home recover window became a lot easier! What else did people have to do except sit at home anyway? Suddenly, the hardest part of plastic surgery became easy. So, procedures were on the rise!

It’s easy to see why there was an increase of plastic surgery near the end of the pandemic and why the surge is still here today. With an easy home recovery window, why wouldn’t you go after that procedure you’ve been wanting to get? So, if you’re feeling inspired to have some work done, now’s the time. Jump on it before the boom increases more and makes it harder for you to schedule your appointment.

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